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CZ-USA 912

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Workmanship: C
Performance: B+
Price / Value: B

There’s something almost charming about the CZ 912’s indifference to its appearance, as if its designers in the Czech Republic didn’t care to make any concession to American tastes when they boxed it up and shipped it to our shores. The white racing stripe streaking over the receiver’s ultra-glossy black finish left most of the test team puzzled as the first shells were fed into the action.

Fortunately, though, the gun shoots better than it looks, and earned good scores by virtue of its pointing and swing characteristics. The 912 is built on a standard gas-action recoil system. The result is a soft-shooting 3-inch gun that recovers on target quickly for follow-up shots.

This performance was hampered to some degree by an excessively heavy 8-pound 2-ounce trigger pull, though the 912 certainly broke its share of targets.

Neither the wood on the stock nor the laser checkering earned the 912 any extra style points, especially in this year’s tough field. But our judgments were tempered by the fact that the 912 carries a price tag of only $509, making it a solid value for an autoloader, provided the aesthetics of the gun are to the shooter’s taste.

The 912 doesn’t come with much in the way of extras. 

You get a couple of additional choke tubes and that’s about it. The receiver does have slots for mounting scope rings, should the shooter want to press it into duty as a slug gun.

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