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Beretta Video Contest

There is nothing more American than guns and explosions. And combining the two is not only great fun, it is practically a patriotic duty.

With that in mind, we convinced our friends at Tannerite to give away hundreds of pounds of their product to Outdoor Life’s web audience.

The deal is pretty simple. Anyone who submits a valid video entry will get a free half-pound package of Tannerite in the mail. And whoever submits the best video will win a year’s supply of Tannerite to blow up.

Of course there are some rules and restrictions, which are outlined below, but the idea of this contest is to celebrate our freedom to own guns, create big explosions and tap into our inner Michael Bay.

We want you to be creative, but safe, and that means do not use the Tannerite to blow anything up. It is a shot indicator only. Blowing things up not only creates shrapnel, but there’s a good chance it is illegal where you live. And, trust us, you don’t want to post video evidence of you breaking the law on the Internet. No good can come from that. Plus, you won’t get your free Tannerite.

That said, there are lots of good visuals to be had with Tannerite placed on dusty surfaces, mud and even floating on water.

The contest is open right now and will run through July 7. Check out the video below to learn more about Tannerite and how it works and also be sure to review the safety rules and contest guidelines.

Good shooting and good luck.

Contest Guidelines

  • Must be no longer than 120 seconds.
  • Contest is open to anyone in the U.S. who is 21 years or older. Eye and ear protection must be worn by all participants in the video.
  • Place the Tannerite at least 100 yards downrange.
  • And, this is very important: do NOT blow anything up. Just use the Tannerite as a shot indicator.
  • Follow this link to the full set of rules and legalese.

Please read these safety guidelines and regulations before submitting a video:

  1. The contest will run for an 8-week duration. During this time, every person that submits videos that are accepted and meet our rules of the contest will receive a FREE ½ pound ET (Exploding Target). Participants must provide mailing address in order for participants to receive the ½ pound ET.
  2. Retail value of the ½ ET is $6.99
  3. All videos must show participants wearing safety glasses and ear protection. Targets must be shot from at least 100 yards away. Tannerite® brand targets cannot be used to blow up anything—only used as a shot indicator.
  4. The grand prize give away for the winner is "one year's supply" of Tannerite® Brand Targets.
  5. Mixing Instructions:
  6. Start by emptying the contents of the target into the mixing container
  7. Next, open the packet containing the catalyst and pour it into the mixing container
  8. Secure the lid and shake the container until you achieve a uniform color throughout the mixture
  9. Then pour the combined mixture back into the target container until it completely fills the target container
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