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  • December 31, 2008

    Just Desserts for Invasive Yellowstone Fish-1


    Fishery researchers, funded by a federal grant to determine the most expedient method for eliminating invasive lake trout from Yellowstone National Park, have come up with a variety of scientific and highly technical options.

    Al Zale, Leader of the Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit at Montana State University in Bozeman, suggests the use of ultrasound, microwaves and electroshocking to help protect the native cutthroat trout in Yellowstone Lake from the illegally introduced, non-native fish.

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  • December 30, 2008

    Sign of the Times: Deer Donations Plummet-0


    At least two factors contributed to this year’s sharp decline in the number of deer donated to Wisconsin’s primary venison donation program, not the least of which are the economic hardships being felt by many Americans, including deer hunters.

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  • December 30, 2008

    JR's Random Outdoor Quote-1


    are no bad days in a duck blind.”

    --Charles F. Waterman

    “Duck Blinds,” The Part I Remember, 1974 

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  • December 23, 2008

    Clapton Rocks With Guns & Hunting-2


    In a recently published interview, legendary bluesman and rock guitarist Eric Clapton said he credits shooting and hunting with helping expand his social activities.

    "I'm not really that gregarious," the 63-year-old said in an interview with The Art Newspaper. "And shooting with groups of people up and down the country has taught me a lot about how to get on with my fellow human beings."

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  • December 17, 2008

    Hoo-Rah! Ice Fishing and Bikinis!!-1


    For folks in Minnesota and Wisconsin, ice fishing is a revered winter pastime.

    I mean,
    who can forget the movie Grumpy Old Men?Poster-2

    something for anyone who’s ever ventured onto a frozen northern lake, used an
    auger to drill a hole in the ice, and rigged their favorite tip-up to slam the
    perch, walleye or tasty panfish.

    The Bikini Ice-Fishing Team
    is the marketing brainchild of the folks at Exotica Swimwear, based in the St.
    Paul suburb of Mahtomedi, Minn., on the shores of White Bear Lake.Missy1

    Not the
    best-suited location in the universe to sell skimpy swimwear, you say? Well, by
    all appearances, they’ve made the best of a tough market.

    With the
    additional sponsorship of a commercially produced fish house, a power auger
    company and other ice-fishing equipment, the Bikini Ice-Fishing Team makes
    appearances at fishing shows and
    across Wisconsin and Minnesota.

     And, from the looks
    of things
    , we bet they’re a tough act to follow.

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  • December 16, 2008

    National Background Check Record Spike Confirmed-3


    Background checks on the sale of firearms reached record levels during the month of November, resulting in a historic spike in sales following the general election.

    Firearms retailers
    across the country reported increased sales of many types of guns and
    accessories following the election of Barack Obama on November 4. Most
    attribute the spike to fears that an Obama White House and Democrat-controlled
    Congress will reinstate the so-called “assault weapons ban,” prohibiting the
    sale of certain firearms and high capacity magazines.Nics chart

    Data from the FBI’s
    National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) indicated a 42 percent
    increase in November firearm purchaser background checks. A total of 1,529,635
    checks--the highest monthly total ever--were reported for the month, up from
    1,079,923 in November 2007.

    Federal law requires
    FBI background checks on individuals purchasing firearms from federally
    licensed retailers.

    It should be noted that
    here is no national data source that captures actual individual firearms sales
    by month.

    Mirroring a nationwide
    trend, retail sales of firearms
    in the President-elect’s home state of Illinois
    also skyrocketed in the weeks since Election Day, reflecting
    a 38 percent increase over the same period in
    2007. According to the Illinois State Police, 24,076 background checks
    were conducted in November 2008--up from 17,363 in November 2007 and 17,249 in
    November 2006.

    Illinois gun dealers
    report that sales remained brisk throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend
    with many customers acquiring several firearms at a time along with sizeable
    quantities of ammunition. 

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  • December 16, 2008

    JR's Random Outdoor Quote-1


    blizzards and storm winds strike, other hunters curl up by the hearth.
    Waterfowlers go forth.”

    --Zack Taylor

    Successful Waterfowling, 1974 

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  • December 15, 2008

    Teen catches two bass species at same time-0


    two fish on one dual-treble plug at the same time is an unusual and randomly
    occurring fishing phenomenon, but this week a South Florida teen caught 
    of bass on
    a single swimming bait while fishing at a neighborhood canal.


     The S. Florida
    Sun-Sentinel reports
    today that Luke Volpe, 13, of Southwest
    Ranches, hooked a 1.5-pound peacock bass on the front treble hook of his bait,
    and as he was reeling it in, a 5-pound largemouth hit the rear treble hook.

    newspaper story noted that Volpe was using a spinning rig with 20-pound
    braided line and a Yo-Zuri swimming plug.

    fish were released after the teen’s fishing buddy, Dalton Edens, snapped some
    photos with his cell phone. 

    Pretty cool, huh?

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  • December 11, 2008

    Over-Eager Greenies Incriminate Beavers-3


    Did you hear the one about the Polish green activists?

    Stay with me here.

    It seems that the members of a Polish environmental organization reported an illegal logging
    operation they discovered at a nature reserve near the northern town of
    Subkowy. They told authorities that the clear-cutting ne’er-do-wells had
    already chopped down and neatly stacked 20 trees at the reserve and marked
    several more with matching notches, obviously planning to return and mow them down
    as well.Beaver

    When police
    investigated the report, sure enough, they found the logging crew at work. In
    fact, the entire clandestine operation, which included several tree cutters,
    was operating quietly, under cover of darkness.

    If you guessed beavers, you win.

    Austrian Times reports today
    that when they were confronted with the
    news, the Polish enviros were taken aback.

    “The campaigners are
    feeling pretty stupid,” a police spokesman told the newspaper. “There’s nothing
    more natural than a beaver.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

    Here’s some advice for
    extreme environmental activist types everywhere (even in Poland): Don’t react too quickly when
    it comes to important matters of nature and the outdoors.

    So, just chew on this.

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  • December 9, 2008

    Buck Gives Show & Tell to 3rd Grade Science Class-0


    Teacher Leslie Vanlet was instructing her
    Coopersville, Mich. East Elementary students yesterday about the demeanor and
    characteristics of animals when an unannounced (albeit somewhat appropriate)
    visual aid entered her third grade classroom--a six-point whitetail buck.

    It was the buck’s method of entry that probably did the
    most to disrupt the demeanor among the 23 students seated in the classroom.
    That’s because it shattered a double-pane window and began galloping through
    the classroom, wildly slinging a set of mini-blinds hooked onto its antlers
    while leaving a trail of broken glass, tipped chairs and dumped desks.East_elementary3

    During a lull in the action as the buck stood in a corner,
    Vanlet was able to shuttle the children safely out of the room with the aid to
    two other teachers.

    “There was this horrific crash and glass shards were
    flying everywhere and you wonder what in the heck is going on,”
    the first-year
    teacher told the Grand Rapids Press
    . “It happened so quickly and yet it all
    seemed like slow motion.”

    Principal Marty Alexander told the paper that one boy was
    treated for a small cut he received from flying glass. He said that one little
    girl was “emotionally shaken” after the buck brushed against her.

    There was no report on the emotional (or physical) impact
    the whole ordeal had on the young buck, which exited the room the same way it
    had entered.

    In addition to the mess the estimated 160-pound deer left
    behind and the turmoil it created, the children have something else to help
    remind them about the day the buck crashed their classroom: a cracked two-point
    antler that was discovered on one of the student’s notebooks.

    “I’ll be able to tell this story for years,” the teacher

    now she has the broken forked tine to use as a far less-disruptive visual aid.

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