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  • October 28, 2010

    Please Place All Crocs In Overhead Storage-5


    An October 21 plane crash in the Democratic Republic of Congo that killed twenty people onboard is now being blamed on an escaped crocodile. 

    An official statement by the news organization Jeune Afrique read, “According to the inquiry report and the testimony of the only survivor, the crash happened because of a panic sparked by the escape of a crocodile hidden in a sports bag.”

    Why did the passenger have a crocodile in his sports bag? Because he hoped to sell it when he landed – duh!

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  • October 27, 2010

    Survive Zombie Attacks-2


    Let me premise by saying Happy Halloween.

    I'm going to take a minute of everyone's time and make a very serious ( note: very silly ) public service announcement. With Halloween on the horizon we must be ready for all sorts of things. Children with their plastic buckets, trees full of toilet paper and of course, the chance of a zombie apocalypse.

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  • October 25, 2010

    Wet Dog Physics-0


    If there are any duck hunters sitting on the panel to determine the next Nobel Prize for Physics, a Georgia scientist and his partners just may have a shot at the big prize.

    Research conducted by Andrew Dickerson and associates at the Georgia Institute of Technology has determined how fast a wet dog must oscillate in order to dry its fur.

    We’ll bet you never associated your Lab’s shaking after he pulls a greenhead from an icy river with physics, did you?

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  • October 21, 2010

    High-fence Debate hits North Dakota-12


    Is it still hunting (and is it ethical) if it takes place within a fence? This question is being debated across the country and will be posed to North Dakota voters this November. 

    Measure 2 on the General Election ballot gives North Dakotans the option to vote on outlawing the high-fence, "canned hunt" operations that have been popping up throughout the state. There are currently about 12. The issue is unusual because it is divisive within the hunting community.

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  • October 20, 2010

    OL Weather: A Weather Report for Outdoorsmen-9


    When I first began developing the idea for a weather site, I asked myself: "What kind of weather information is absolutely essential for sportsmen?" 

    All of us look forward to those magical days when the woods come alive with bucks chasing does or turkeys gobbling from their roosts, or those amazing times when, no matter what you throw, every cast draws a strike. The only problem: No one could predict when those magical hunting and fishing days would occur…until now. 


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  • October 20, 2010

    Iowa Fighting Falsified Hunter Residency-3


    A combination of lots of big whitetail deer and limited nonresident tags is fueling a growing trend toward falsifying residency in order to obtain Iowa deer hunting licenses and tags, according to the state Department of Natural Resources.

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  • October 19, 2010

    Mountain Goat Kills Hiker-4


    Robert Boardman, 63, was hiking with his wife and friend in Olympic National Park on Monday when he was attacked and killed by a mountain goat. The trio was hiking up a popular switchback trail and decided to stop for lunch when the goat approached them and started acting aggressively.

    Boardman tried to scare the goat off, but instead of running away, it charged him goring him badly in the leg. More hikers came to try to help Boardman, but the goat stood over the man's body and wouldn't let any other hikers come to his aid.

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  • October 15, 2010

    Utah DWR Chief Asks for Hunting Citation -4


    These days, some hunters may readily admit they could use a consulting attorney to help navigate through sometimes-confusing and often-tedious state hunting laws and regulations. If it’s any consolation, it may help to know even those in charge of game and fish agencies can unknowingly run afoul of their own regulations.

    A few weeks ago, after realizing he’d just shot two sage grouse in the wrong county for his permit, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Director Jim Karpowitz contacted wildlife law enforcement officers and requested he be issued a citation for his violation.

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  • October 13, 2010

    Best Grizzly Defense: Bear Spray or Gun?-15


    Last week a Wyoming elk hunter was attacked by a grizzly bear. The hunter, whose name has not been released, was able to shoot and kill the bear, but not before it sank its teeth into his arm. Luckily, the hunter was fine. He walked three miles out of the backcountry, drove himself to the hospital and was released the next day. The bear on the other hand, died from its injuries.

    As grizzly bear attacks in the Yellowstone area continue to make headlines, many outdoorsmen are faced with a question that their lives could depend on: what's the best defense against a charging bear, a gun or bear spray?

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  • October 11, 2010

    Passing Grade: Dog Eats Fishing Flies-2


    We’ve all heard the line about the dog eating your homework, but here’s a tale about a pooch that was fortunate to receive a “passing grade” after it ingested the hooked contents of an angler’s flybox.

    For some time, Deborah Carlson of Pullman, Wash. knew her German shepherd, Frieda, had a special affinity for bugs, gleefully pouncing on the ones she found in the backyard before gobbling them up. So, when a box of her fishing flies was discovered overturned with the contents nowhere to be found, Carlson presumed the worst.

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