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  • April 30, 2012

    TN Man Busted for Selling Jerky Made from Wild Whitetail-4


    The undercover sting went off without a hitch, and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) caught their suspect in the act of making an illegal sale. We’re not talking cocaine, moonshine or illegal weapons; the TWRA was after this man’s jerky. That’s right, jerky.

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  • April 24, 2012

    Teen Could Break CO State Record With 31-Pound Striped Bass-0


    A Colorado teenager landed what appears to be the next Colorado state-record striped bass.

    Isaac Sprecher, 18, hooked the 31-pound, 8.4-ounce striped bass while fishing with his girlfriend at McIntosh Lake Friday. The fish measured 41 inches long, with a girth of 26 inches.

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  • April 24, 2012

    Ted Nugent Pleads Guilty to Illegally Shooting and Transporting a Black Bear in Alaska-7


    The Anchorage Daily News reported over the weekend that Ted Nugent signed a plea agreement in which he admitted to illegally shooting and transporting a black bear in Southeast Alaska in 2009.  

    The agreement states that Nugent, 63, will pay a $10,000 fine, face two years’ probation, create a public service announcement about responsible hunting to run on his show "Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild" every other week, and will be banned from hunting or fishing anywhere in Alaska and on any U.S. Forest Service land nationwide for one year.

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  • April 23, 2012

    Oklahoma Angler Catches 8-Pound State Record Smallmouth Bass-2


    Ryan Wasser broke the Oklahoma smallmouth bass record when he pulled an 8-pound, 7-ounce smallie from Lake Lawtonka earlier this month. Wasser, a resident of Pocasset, told Tulsa World he knew the 23 1/8 inch long with an 18 inch girth fish was a record breaker when he reeled it in.

    "I knew I had something pretty close to eight and a half pounds, so I figured I had it by a couple ounces anyway," Wasser said. "She had eaten and she was full of eggs." The previous record was set by Steve McLarty in March 2006. His Lake Eufaula fish weighed 8-pounds, 3-ounces, measured 23 1/2 inches long and had a girth of 19 inches.

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  • April 20, 2012

    Should Fish and Game Agencies Change Opening Day Dates Because of Weather?-3


    In Minnesota, Christmas takes a back seat for the opening day of walleye season. Along with hockey, Prince and hotdish, walleyes are one of the North Star State's most precious commodities.

    But this year, Minnesota anglers' enthusiasm for opening day could endanger  walleye numbers. Experts say that thanks to a blast of frigid spring weather, walleyes could still be spawning by the potential new start date of May 5.

    This from the Minneapolis Star Tribune

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  • April 19, 2012

    African Safari Hunts Under Fire After Spanish King and Trump Brothers Fiascos-4


    African safaris have recently been put in the spotlight, thanks to news about Donald Trump’s sons taking Cape buffalo and leopard in Zimbabwe and Spain’s King Juan Carlos breaking his hip during an unsuccessful elephant hunt in Botswana. But not all attention is flattering.

    Although both adventures are perfectly legal in the host countries, and the trophies taken can be imported to the U.S. under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), some argue that the men’s actions were barbaric and/or immoral.

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  • April 19, 2012

    Illinois Man Drowns After Being Attacked by Swan-4


    A Cook County, Ill. man drowned in a pond Saturday after being attacked by a swan.

    Anthony Hensley, 37, was checking on a swan at a housing complex along Bay Colony Drive in a kayak when the large bird attacked him. His kayak turned upside in the melee and Hensley drowned. Hensley was hired to keep geese away from the housing complex. The swan was placed into the area to deter geese from settling on the property. 

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  • April 18, 2012

    Commercial Fishermen Accidentally Net 2,000-Pound Great White Shark -6


    A great white shark of nightmare proportions was accidentally netted in the Sea of Cortez Sunday by two commercial fishermen. The kraken measured almost 20 feet in length and weighed around 2,000 pounds. The two fishermen, identified by Pisces Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas only as Guadalupe and Baltazar, were fishing on a boat that measured only two feet longer than the shark.

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  • April 17, 2012

    Smallfry Angler Breaks Black Grouper World Record-1


    Last year young angler Brielle Bennett took first place in the International Game Fish Association’s Female Smallfry division of world records.  If her performance on March 24, 2012 is any indication of what 2012 holds, she’ll take the first place title for a second year in a row.

    The IGFA announced last week that the young Miss Bennett was fishing Key West, Florida with her uncle Captain Brian Bennett when she landed a 38-pound black grouper (Mycteroperca bonaci). 

    It took Brielle about 10 minutes from time the grouper swallowed her live goggle eye until she was able to hoist it up on the back deck. 

    The catch is even more impressive when you compare the size of Miss Bennett to her catch - that fish is almost as large as she is.

    The current IGFA all tackle record is 124 pounds.

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  • April 16, 2012

    California Woman Swerves Off Road to Avoid Hitting Coyote, Spends Night in Vehicle-10


    A Monterey County, California woman’s fear of clocking a coyote with her car led to her spend the night in her vehicle after she ran off the road. reports that Carrie Joseph, 55, was driving northbound on Thursday night April 12, when a song dog ran in front of her 2006 Dodge Charger. 

    Joseph swerved to avoid hitting the animal. Her tires left the road and she rolled down a 250-foot embankment.

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