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Fish America: Lake Mead

October 26, 2010

[dme:image size="small" side="left" title="falakemead [nid:1001333931]" index="-1"/]

This past Tuesday I had the privilege of fishing with Captain John Moehlenbrock on Lake Mead just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.It was good to escape the dizzying lights of the strip for sunrise surface action to breaking striped bass on the enormous reservoir.John grew up in Minnesota, but had since become “a desert cat,” by his own admission. “Some people say it’s a lot of nothing, but some people, I’ll take them out here and they’ll say it’s the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen,” John said. “And at times it is.”

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  • October 23, 2010

    California Shark Attack-1



    From The Examiner:

    A UC Santa Barbara student was killed Friday by a large shark off Surf Beach near Vandenberg Air Force Base. Lucas Ranson, 19, was bodyboarding Friday morning when a large shark took him under by his leg. His friends and other surfers helped him to shore but he bled to death before emergency medical help could arrive.

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  • October 21, 2010

    New Piercing Bob?-6


    According to United Press International, Robert Matsuura fished for ten hours straight last week with two hooks embedded in the back of his head. 

    Matsuura was competing in the FLW College Fishing Western Regional Championship on Folsom Lake in California when his partner, Peter Lee’s, treble hook snagged him in the back of the head during a cast. Matsuura’s first thought was to quit the tournament and head straight to the closest emergency room – gee, you think? – but instead opted to have the free hook cut from his skull so he could continue to fish.

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  • October 18, 2010

    Fish America: Next Time-3


    This first tour of the country, it’s just a trial run I’ve decided. Next time … next time I’m going to do it right.

    Next time I’ll save enough to stay in hotels, so I’m not searching for the zipper on my sleeping bag like a caterpillar in a closed cocoon as a police officer taps on my jeep window in a parking lot in the cold pre-dawn Arizona morning, and leaves promising to check out once I finally emerge to describe my mission.

    Next time I’ll eat at the best restaurants, instead of drinking Natural Lights with the homemade elk tacos that Danny Woods was kind enough to prepare for me in Page, Arizona, or the pineapple pizza and Pabst Blue Ribbon I shared with John Kobald, his wife son and daughter around their dinner table in Meeker, Colorado.

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  • October 18, 2010

    Sharks Smell-2


    Sharks Smell.

    Just apparently not as well as we once thought.

    Common belief - as well as movies, TV, literature and comics - has always held that sharks were the bloodhounds of the sea, that they were able to detect a single drop of blood in an immense amount of water from miles and miles away. While that may actually be true, it turns out that this evolutionary skill may not be better than any other fish in the sea.

    Unlike humans, who both smell and breathe through their nose, sharks have separate openings for breathing and smelling.  Breathing is handled by gills while front facing nostrils siphon water into a nasal chamber where smells are detected. Because the amount of tissue in a shark’s nasal chamber is far greater than it is in other fish scientists have always assumed that sharks had a better sense of smell. According to a study conducted by Tricia Meredith, a biologist at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, that’s not necessarily the case.

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  • October 11, 2010

    Fish America: Fin Art-1



    This past week I had the pleasure of fishing with Colorado guide John Kobald. John guides for brown and rainbow trout on the White River, and for elk and mule deer in the mountains of Meeker, Colorado. But when he’s not guiding, he chisels and polishes bronze in homage of the fish and game that he chases.

    While fishing in Islamorada, I stayed with artist Pasta Pantaleo, who is well known in the Keys and beyond for his unique depictions of marine life on canvas. His marlin paintings are perhaps his most famous, but Pasta paints everything that swims.

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  • October 5, 2010

    We're Going Offshore, Baby!-0


    The good news came in late this afternoon—six months after the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore fishing has finally re-opened...and Outdoor Life will be there to report live all next week!

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  • October 5, 2010

    New Trophy Mounting Idea-5


    Was your last catch just too big to put on the wall? Do pictures just not do it justice? Do you wish more people could see your prized catch? Then, have I got a trophy idea for you! How about tossing your fish in a 56-foot by 10-foot by 23-foot glass tomb filled with formol (a 10 percent solution of formaldehyde in water) situated on the beach? Sure, this will run you around $16,000 but think of all the people who will see it!

    Sound crazy? Well that’s exactly what the people of the Bac Lieu province in Vietnam did this past week when a dead whale washed onto their beach. Utilizing government and private funds, the massive 52-foot whale was preserved on site so locals could worship it as the “God of the sea.”

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  • October 4, 2010

    Fish America: Women on the Water-1


    In Virginia Beach I had the opportunity to fish with Dr. Julie Ball (pictured here). Julie holds more world line-class records than I could ever aspire to attain. 

    In the small town of Del Rio, Texas, Judy and her husband Tim Reneau have built and expanded a rod company from the ground up in five years, and they now sell 26 casting and two spinning rods, and are getting into the lure-making business this winter.

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