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FISH AMERICA: And the Road's Like This...

July 26, 2010

[dme:image size="small" side="right" title="blog_gonefishin_fa_week9 [nid:1001329120]" index="-1"/]

Today marks two months on the road, and since I left I’ve been sleeping on couches, spare bedrooms, a few boats, more than a few beaches, but mostly in parking lots on top of my stuff in my jeep.

Fortunate does not begin to describe how blessed I’ve been with the numerous captains and anglers that have taken the time to show me their ways and waters.

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  • July 26, 2010



    In a move that is sure to get him play with ladies all around the world, Nick Richards of Great Britain broke that country’s record for the biggest goldfish ever caught this past week by reeling in a whopping five pound fish.  The fish, believed to have been dumped into a lake near the town of Poole after its owners no longer cared about it, measured an astounding 16 inches in length.  Richards, all of 16 years old, told reporters that he saw a flash of bright orange just as his rod bent under tremendous strain.  He battled the fish toward the shore, had some photographs taken, then released it back into the lake.

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  • July 22, 2010

    Gayne Vs. Internet Music-16


    Ok.  What the hell is wrong with this guy?  I mean really, what the hell is wrong with him?

    I mean I have mental problems – obviously – but I take drugs for them.  And even if I quit taking my medication for a few days I doubt my mind would lead me in the direction of this guy’s noggin.  The extreme mental instability to which I am referring belongs to Environmentalist Andy Brandy Casagrande whose song and accompanying video for “The Great White Shark Song” have become an internet hit.

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  • July 20, 2010

    Gayne Watches Whale Wars to See Who is Watching Whale Wars-14


    “Hey man. The Japanese are gonna slice through them hippie’s boat tonight on Whale Wars.”

    Yes.  My friends are borderline illiterate.  But they know entertainment, which is why one of them called to give me the head’s up on the nautical destruction that the good folks at Animal Planet were promising to broadcast last week.  Interested to say the least, I set down with the trifecta of my culinary world – chips, salsa, and beer – not only to watch the mayhem unfold but to see who else watches this show.  This is easily determined by watching the commercials.  Millions of dollars are spent researching who watches what in order to match consumers with viewers.  So by watching the ads, I should be able to see who is the target audience for the love fest that is Whale Wars – and what they might be up to.

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  • July 19, 2010

    Be A Gulf Coast Volunteer-1


    Wish you can help out with the oil spill and the impact on wildlife in your community? The National Wildlife Federation is looking for volunteers who can help with monitoring and reporting on wildlife in the Gulf States. Even as the oil is been halted—the work is just getting started. Volunteers will continue to be needed for at least the next 2-4 months (minimum)—and longer as new opportunities arise.

    Who: Live within 20-30 miles of the coast and can weekly travel to coast

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  • July 19, 2010

    Fish America: Of Cops, Alarms and Sleep-3


    Pictured here is a place called “Bible World.” What is it? I don’t know, exactly, but I can tell you a couple things about it. It’s close to a major freeway, it has a few cars scattered in a large parking lot, and in the half-hour I spent awake there last night I didn’t hear a single gunshot. I reasoned that God-fearing people might not interrupt the five hours of sleep an amiable aimless angler needed between Virginia Beach and North Carolina.

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  • July 16, 2010

    Everyone's Got A...-7


    Last year’s ICAST, the fishing industry’s annual trade show, was, in a word, underwhelming. Attendance was sparse in Orlando, the numbers of exhibitors seemed to be minimal and the overall innovation of the new products to be introduced in 2010 was lacking.

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  • July 15, 2010

    ICast Day 1: Trend of the Day-0


    As Day 1 of ICAST comes to a close, the big story is the G.Loomis/Shimano team cleaning up at the annual awards ceremony taking home six awards, including Best Saltwater Reel (Shimano Trinidad A), Best Freshwater Reel (Shimano Sella FE), Best Saltwater Rod (Shimano Terez) and Best Hardbait Lure (Shimano Waxwing). The new game-changing, impossibly lightweight G.Loomis NRX rod won both the Best Freshwater Rod category and the overall Best of Show award.

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  • July 14, 2010

    The Fishing Show 2010-1



    OL’s Gear Editor travels to fabulously hot Las Vegas to scope out the latest and greatest fishing gear...

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  • July 12, 2010

    FISH AMERICA: Washington D.C.-1


    On Monday of this past week, I got the chance to fish the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. with a man named Mike Bailey. When I spoke with him, he said we’d be fishing from a rowboat.

    On Tuesday I was asked if I wanted to fish with a guy named Mike Benjamin out of Solomons Island, Maryland. It would a commercial trip with Mike and his mother. It would be a long day, at least 15 hours on the water. The forecast in Maryland called for highs of more than 100 degrees.

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