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Sig Hansen to Audition for Dancing With the Stars ... But Why?

June 28, 2011

I’m not a giant fan of television these days, but when I need some mindless activity to pass an hour or two I confess to being addicted to reality TV. No, not Jersey Shore or Mafia Wives, but I love Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers and Swamp People. I’d say that Deadliest Catch is a particular favorite and even more so since I interviewed Sig Hansen who is one of the program’s biggest stars. He came across as an easy going, genuine guy who loved the outdoors and sportfishing when he wasn’t busy being the captain of the Northwestern and catching crabs.

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  • June 23, 2011

    90 Days of Free Fishing Gear Giveaways-40


    Hello readers—we’re moving offices. Okay, my new work area is right down the hall, but it’s become abundantly clear that the time has come to give away some stuff.

    We’re talking all manner of fishing gear and gadgets and once a week for the next 90 days, we’re going to give stuff away.

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  • June 13, 2011

    Pray For The Big Man-5


    Outdoor Life first got to know "The Big Man" last year when our intrepid Fish America reporter Rick Bach met The E-Street Band's saxophonist Clarence Clemons on a fishing boat in the Keys.

    Sadly, the word out of Florida today is that Clarence suffered a serious stroke over the weekend. Today, a close friend of Clemons has been reported as saying that the Big Man is improving. Might be a good time to keep a fellow diehard angler in our thoughts right now. To see our interview with Clemons, click here

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  • June 13, 2011

    Winners: Best Weather Quotes-5


    Okay, guys, nice work with the weather quotes. We received some real good, creative quotes and some, well, they could use a bit of work. But here are the ones we liked the best:

    Hoytboy--It's been hotter'n a goat's butt in a pepper patch--a last minute submission

    The Captain--I poured McDonald's coffee in my lap today just to cool off

    jhorton--It is so dry here in Oklahoma that the catfish have ticks

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  • June 9, 2011

    Best Weather Quote Contest-48


    sebile spinnerbaits:

    It's hot. It's miserable. Fish are hammering baits everywhere. And we're stuck working in our Manhattan offices. Can life get much worse? We're a bit punchy from the heat today, but are ready to give away some stuff. So, let's hear your best weather-related cliche'.  I've got 5 top-of-the-line Sebile lures ready to send for the Best Weather Quotes Ever. Extra points for originality. And keep it clean, please. Contest ends Monday at noon.

    Please avoid: "Hot enough for ya?" and "If ya don't like the weather now, wait five minutes—it'll change."

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  • June 7, 2011

    First Look at Berkley NanoFil, a New Hybrid Fishing Line -1


    Later this month Berkley will start shipping out NanoFil, its latest fishing line designed specifically for light and medium spinning tackle. NanoFil is a monofilament/braid hybrid that runs in extra small diameters. It's made of Dyneema (a gel-spun polyethylene), which is the same sort of material that's commonly used in bullet proof vests, windsails and Berkley's other superline - Fireline.  

    The difference between NanoFil and Fireline is that NanoFil consists of hundreds of Dyneema filaments that are molecularly bonded together, not fused together by heat like Fireline. The idea behind NanoFil was to create a line that has the strength and no-stretch, no-memory properties of a braid while retaining the smoothness of mono.

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  • June 6, 2011

    Filmmaker Goes Swimming With Great White Sharks-8


    Mike Hoover, an Academy Award winning filmmaker, aims to show that great whites are far from the brutal killers some people think they are with his latest film “Great White Shark: Beyond the Cage of Fear.”  According to the film’s distributer MODemay Entertainment, Hoover tried to debunk this myth about sharks by trying “to see the world through [the shark’s] eyes, to interact with them, touch them, maybe even form a relationship with the animal.” 

    Form a relationship with the animal?  How do you form a relationship with a fish?  Well judging by the trailer for the film Hoover and his friends achieve this by swimming freely with great whites without any protection other than an unloaded spear-gun. 

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