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First Hybrid Shark Found Off Coast of Australia

December 31, 2012

The world's first hybrid shark has been discovered off the coast of Australia. Researcher Jess Morgan, from the University of Queensland, said a new breed, a mix between the Australian black-tip shark and its counterpart (the common black-tip shark) was discovered recently. The finding is unprecedented in the shark world.

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  • December 28, 2012

    Icefishing Tips: Find Overlooked Spots for Mid-Winter Panfish -1


    As crowds gather in well-known community holes on local lakes, those in the know resort to off-the-beaten path spots for super-sized panfish. Finding honey holes full of large pan fish is not as difficult as some may think. Here's how.
    1. Go Mobile. Resist the urge to fish community holes on large lakes. Instead, fire up your snowmobile or ATV and head for smaller, less frequented lakes and ponds.

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  • December 14, 2012

    Flounder Migration on in Texas, But Overall Numbers on the Decline-0


    It's that time of year again. As cold fronts become more and more frequent, mother nature signals flounder to begin their annual migration. In Texas, the natives call it "the flounder run."

    As the hardest cold fronts hit, flounder congregate around the passes, staging until they head offshore to the Gulf of Mexico to breed. Recent scientific research has shown flounder stocks have declined slightly since the 1970's.

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  • December 13, 2012

    Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: State of Fishing in Montauk, New York-0


    Saltwater anglers near Montauk won’t have to worry too much about having their fishing opportunities hampered by Hurricane Sandy. They weathered the brunt of the storm with flooding, but minimal devastation.

    “Along the oceanside in the Montauk area we received a lot of beach erosion, but no real ‘shut down the operation’ type of damage,” stated Paulie Apostolides, Paulie’s Bait and Tackle, Montauk. “The people that got hit the hardest around here were the businesses and marinas on the North End, West End, and Lake Montauk area, where the canals and bays flooded heavily, but everybody reopened pretty quickly.”

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  • December 11, 2012

    Catch More Fish: Icefishing Tips from a Pro Guide-0


    Anyone who makes a good living as an open-water fishing guide almost assuredly is a top angler. To prosper as an icefishing guide means he must be better than good. Meet Brian Brosdahl.

    If ever there was a modern-day version of a Nordic king, it’s Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. Clients follow him onto the frozen lakes of his native northern Minnesota like squires tending to Arctic nobility.

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  • December 6, 2012

    Fly Fish for Bass with the Temple Fork Outfitters Hawgleg-0


    Most fly rods are not designed to target specific species. They're built to a length and line weight spec. These are considered "generalist rods" and it's up to the fishermen to determine what fish species a rod is best suited for. For instance, just about any freshwater trout guide will agree a 9-foot 5-weight is the most versatile trout rod in the world. However, understand the rod was not built as a "trout rod."

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  • December 5, 2012

    Potential World Record Yellowfin Tuna Caught Off Mexico-0


    John Petruescu was fishing at Hurricane Bank off Mexico, aboard the Excel out of San Diego, earlier this week when he hooked into what may go down in the books as the largest yellowfin tuna ever caught on rod and reel. The leviathan of many a sushi dream, caught on a live skipjack tuna, was so large it required five gaffs to steer it into the tuna gate—which was almost too small to accommodate the monster fish.

    While the crew estimated the fish’s weight at around 400 pounds by utilizing the tried and true at-sea estimate method of taping out, outdoor writer Pete Thomas exclaims on his blog that the fish is much larger and that it will be officially weighed when it returns to San Diego late Saturday or early Sunday.

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  • December 4, 2012

    Use Berkley Twitchtail Minnows When the Temperature Drops-0


    When the mercury begins to drop and waters turn chilly, fish begin to lose their appetite for the aggressive bite and nose down for deep water. Finding the right "go-to" baits becomes critical when conditions turn cold, and versatility plays a factor if you want to consistently put fish in the box.

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