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  • January 28, 2011

    Feeding Winter Turkeys-12


    In some states it's discouraged. In others, it's encouraged, or at least permitted during a regulated time period.

    I was raised and first turkey hunted in the Allegheny foothills, technically Appalachia, a fact I'm proud of. One of my earliest memories growing up in north-central Pennsylvania's turkey country was of a big winter flock running up a side hill. My dad had shot the little home movie. The birds had been visiting a wire feeder holding corn, a common sight in my youth. By spring the gobblers and hens would disperse.

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  • January 21, 2011

    Quaker Boy's New Thunderbird-2


    Quaker Boy's Ernie Calandrelli demonstrates the new Thunderbird gobble call at the 2011 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

    It's a slimmed-down version of their popular "Jake Gobble Call." Check out the video.

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  • January 14, 2011

    A New Girl in Town-8


    My opening day 2010 Kentucky longbeard came running to the Avian X LCD prototype hen decoy. I can only imagine what the finished product will do.

    That statement probably comes as a surprise to some of my longtime turkey buds. If my time wild turkey hunting proves anything, I'm not much of a decoy guy. Maybe I'm too much of a run-and-gun type. Maybe I just don't have much confidence in them. Maybe a little of both and then some. Sure, I've occasionally used them over the many years. I just tend not to ...

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  • January 7, 2011

    Early Turkey Scouting-15


    There's really no cure for the wild turkey addiction.

    Scouting before spring seasons open months from now is as much a part of the hunt as the actual deal closer with a killing shot in range. I like to get out early and often, if only to set my mind in the right direction: opening day.

    Of course turkeys you find won't necessarily be there months from now. Good habitats will hold them though, and see fresh birds arrive. Just this morning, I checked out the woods and fields where an opening day 2010 Maine longbeard wore my tag. I'd been in an Arkansas pit blind hunting waterfowl this week, and needed to reconnect with the local turkeys on my return home.

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  • January 1, 2011

    Strut Zone Resolutions, 2011-22


    I resolve to do something with all these beards, spurs and fans before I hunt the first of many spring turkey states this year. Throwing them out is not an option.

    I resolve to sit tight another five minutes, just when I think that spring gobbler isn't coming, just to avoid hearing him flush behind me when I stand up to leave too early. Maybe a new seat cushion would help.

    I resolve to chill out and smile to myself when the gobbler I should have repositioned on goes even further in the other direction. Hey, you can't kill 'em all. This deal isn't fishing bait and bobbers for panfish with your kid, though that's fun too on a summer day between turkey seasons. Turkey hunting is tough. That's why it's so gratifying when you do close the deal.

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