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Turkey Slam

The turkey world slam took OL's Editor-in-Chief around the world. Check out the photos as Andrew McKean chases gobblers from Florida to Hawaii.
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Top Rangefinders

Today's rangefinders represent a substantial investment, but you get a lot for your money. We tested six of the most feature-packed units to see which are most fieldworthy.
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Deer Survey Results

We wanted to see how OL readers viewed deer hunting so we could start answering questions about how to manage America's favorite game animal. Here's what you had to say.
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Culling the Herd

Before you applaud or admonish a deer cull, it’s important to first know how these things actually work.
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May 9, 2008

Top Picks

  • While most hunters spend their spring weekends waiting for turkey season, Aaron Milliken spends hour after hour studying Google Earth.

  • Anyone who’s come across one knows what Fred Bear meant a half century ago when he said that the thrill of tangling with a grizzly bear cleanses the soul.

  • Check out the most interesting new rifles, shotguns, and handguns from the 2014 SHOT Show.

  • Fire is your best friend in the wild. That's why you need a quality ferrocerium fire starter, or spark rod, to back up a lighter or matches.

  • November 28, 2009

    Too Many Guns Or Too Many Outlaws? - 7

    Gun Rights Examiner John Longenecker writes in his Nov. 8 blog on that understand the Second Amendment often requires an abstract understanding of very fundamental concepts, such as sovereignty and freedom -- as well as an understanding of reality as it really is, not as it is portrayed by some many in the media who have no real connection with reality. [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 27, 2009

    Supreme Court Brief Filed In Chicago Gun Ban Challenge - 2


    The Second Amendment Foundation on Nov. 16, filed a brief to the United States Supreme Court in the case of McDonald v. Chicago, which challenges the constitutionality of that city's ban on handguns. [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 26, 2009

    A Fascist Wonders Why Gun Owners Buy 1.3M More Firearms In October - 23

    According to, data released by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) reported 1,233,982 NICS Checks in October 2009, a 4 percent increase from the 1,183,279 reported in October 2008. So far that is roughly 11,403,417 gun bought this year.

    The total is probably more as NICS background checks may cover the purchase of more than one gun at a time. [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 26, 2009

    The Right To Keep And Bear Arms Not Based On 'Sporting Purposes' - 13

    St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner Kurt Hofmann in his Tuesday, Nov. 17 blog on, says the latest push to ban so-called 'assault weapons' such as the FN Herstal Five-seveN pistol used in the Fort Hood shooting would not require any new legislation or administrative directive. [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 25, 2009

    It Could Happen Here - 12

    Former soldier arrested, faces five-year prison sentence, in England for giving gun he found to local police.

    With Thanksgiving around the corner, it is a good time to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, and to renew the pledge to keep them from being strangled in Big Nanny's apron springs. You know Big Nanny -- Big Brother's kindly autocratic aunt who espouses a benevolent tolitatiarism to protect all her children, most especially you, from yourself. [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 25, 2009

    Stolen From All Of Us - 3

    This photo essay on Slate highlights what anti-hunters have stolen not only from Britons but from all of us who value sports afield. It is a poignant gallery of pictures.

      [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 24, 2009

    Ohio Latest State To Introduce Firearms Freedom Act - 13

    According to a report published on the Tenth Amendment Center's Web site, "Introduced in the Ohio House on Oct. 16, 2009, the 'Firearms Freedom Act' (HB-315) seeks 'To enact section 2923.26 of the Revised Code to provide that ammunition, firearms, and firearm accessories that are manufactured and remain in Ohio are not subject to federal laws and regulations derived under Congress' authority to regulate interstate commerce and to require the words "Made in Ohio" be stamped on a central metallic part of any firearm manufactured and sold in Ohio.'" [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 23, 2009

    'Come And Take It' Banner More Relevant Today Than Ever - 63

    Sometimes, you have to scour the editorial pages in such far-flung places as Louisburg, Kansas, to learn that there's more independent thinking in the Heartland than elsewhere in America. Take, for an example, a letter to the editor written by Jesse Trimble and published in the Louisburg Herald on Nov. 10. [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 22, 2009

    How to Train Dogs to Ride in Boats - 5

    [dme:image width="300" size="large" side="left" title="Kona Canoe [nid:1001319486]" index="-1"/]

    If you hunt waterfowl, odds are you'll need a dog that can behave in a boat. Waiting until the morning of the hunt to introduce them to watercraft is a recipe for disaster, not to mention dangerous.

    [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 22, 2009

    Slow Day in the Deer Woods - 6


    Day 2 of the New York State whitetail season was a mirror-image of the first—clouds and a semi-balmy 45 degrees at sunrise. After seeing just a handful of deer on the first day, I hoped that the second might bring a bit more action, but I was disappointed. Saw four does on the morning sit and out hunting party's deer-sighting total for the a.m. was just 6 including a small 6-point.

    [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 22, 2009

    A Country Without Guns Rights Is Like... - 5

    Just got this report from a correspondent who was traveling for work in Chavez’s Venezuela. This is what a country without gun rights is like: [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 22, 2009

    Deer Anxious to Become Venison? - 5

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="newshound_1120_venison [nid:1001319578]" index="-1"/]

    It’s the time of year when deer become increasingly active—and unpredictable. [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 21, 2009

    Opening Day is Here - 5

    Pretty much the perfect morning for an Opening Day of deer season here in western New York, though a little snow wouldn't have hurt my feelings any—cloudy with temps in the mid-40s. Shooting thus far has been sporadic. As for myself and my hunting party of six? I saw 4 does and a spindly 4-pointer and wound up being high man for the morning. It's noon on Saturday as I write this. Back to the stand. [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 21, 2009

    The Nanny State Arrives In Iowa - 4

    Dudley Brown, executive director of the National Association for Gun Rights, relays this sad but true tale of "more overreaction typical of the anti-gun culture permeating government institutions." [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 20, 2009

    Texas To Join Interstate Wildlife Compact - 3

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="newshound_1120_texas [nid:1001319577]" index="-1"/]

    With last week’s approval by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, The Lone Star State will soon join 31 others as part of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact (IWVC), a cooperative agreement honoring hunting and fishing license suspensions enacted by all member states. [ Read Full Post ]