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Bow Test 2014

Perennial underdogs take center podium in our annual examination of the newest compounds. Check out the results of the 2014 Bow Test.
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Barnyard Bucks

Bucks that live to see four years of age or more have plenty of hiding spots, and chances are there’s a barnyard among them.
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Review: Colt M2012

Shooting Editor John B. Snow puts this beefy, but elegant, precision bolt gun to the test.
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Train for the West

These six cornerstones are the keys to preparing for a backcountry western hunt. Here's what you need, from guns, to gear, to conditioning.
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May 9, 2008

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  • Learn how to make fire in a can and 50 other essential skills, inspired projects, and clever hacks to improve your outdoor life.

  • We had a small field in our annual shotguns test, but it was full of some stellar models. See which gun took home top honors.

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  • January 8, 2010

    World Record Bass - 4


    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="World Record Bass [nid:1001321063]" index="-1"/]

    From the IGFA...

    After nearly six months of waiting, Japan’s Manabu Kurita is taking his place alongside Georgia, USA angler George W. Perry in the International Game Fish Association’s (IGFA) World Record Games Fishes book as dual holders of the All-Tackle record for largemouth bass each weighing 22 lb 4 oz and caught 77 years apart.

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  • January 7, 2010

    We're On Safari - 7

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="Dallas Safari Club [nid:1001321046]" index="-1"/]


    Home of the Cowboys.

    The Ewings.

    And an ever-growing Yankee population.

    Here, on the high Texas plain, under a constant cloud of Mark Cuban’s complaints and whines is the second largest hunting convention on the planet; the Dallas Safari Club’s 2010 Convention & Sporting Expo. Over a four day period more than an estimated 24,000 people will meet with over 1,000 vendors selling everything from six-figure priced hunts to equally priced custom rifles to Amazon fishing trips. Also available for those with an Everest-sized disposable income are $6 beers, $12 well drinks, and $10 sandwiches. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 6, 2010

    Reading Your Dog - 3

    [dme:image width="275" size="large" side="left" title="Dog Language Book [nid:1001321024]" index="-1"/]

    Being able to "read" a dog is the most important aspect of training. It's just one of the intangible marks of a great trainer. It's also one of the hardest things to do correctly.

    By "read," I mean: being able to recognize a dog's body language and interpret his state of mind. When you can do this, your ability to effectively train greatly increases; you can adjust training plans on the fly to better fit the dog's psychological and physical limitations.

    The best way to learn to read a dog is get your hands on as many as possible and to pay attention. It's through hands-on experience with many different dogs in a variety of similar situations that you'll notice nuances in behavior and body language. There's really no shortcut to learning this other than doing it. However, there are a several things that can help speed the learning curve.

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  • January 6, 2010

    Budget Trophies - 8

    We all want to preserve the memory of a remarkable big-game trophy, but now more than ever most of us have to balance the cost of taxidermy with the constraints of the household budget.

    There are other impediments to that shoulder mount, including spousal resistance and a shortage of real estate on your walls. That’s where Jeff Stark comes in. The Missouri hunter knows the enduring value of a special animal, just as he knows the appeal of a great photograph. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 6, 2010

    The Wisdom of Karl Malone - 11

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="Karl Malone Gun Shots [nid:1001320986]" index="-1"/]

    NBA all-star legend Karl Malone, who also happens to be an avid hunter and support of gun rights, weighs in on the stupidity that took place in the locker room of the Washington Wizards when one player allegedly brandished a number of firearms in front of his fellow players.

    Malone (a finalist in the OL 25 awards program) rightly worries about the impact this has on the image of responsible gun owners:

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  • January 6, 2010

    Buck On A Bus - 7

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="Basketball Buck [nid:1001320969]" index="-1"/]

    To many city folks, the thought of a dead deer being transported in the aisle of a public school bus might seem unusual, even to the point of being distasteful.

    But it didn’t bother the members of the Rushford-Peterson High School basketball team, whose bus hit and killed a magnificent 10-point buck while returning from a game in a holiday tournament one night last week. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 5, 2010

    Below Zero Roosters - 2


    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="Pheasant Track [nid:1001320948]" index="-1"/]

    People ask me all the time, how can I live in the most desolate corner of America, closer to Canada than civilization, a lonely 5-hour drive to the nearest airport?

    It’s nights like this that I want to show them, clear and eerie calm, under a purple December sky, three warm rooster pheasants heavy in my game bag.

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  • January 5, 2010

    Searching For Quint: Pt. 2 - 5

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="Gayne mullet [nid:1001320945]" index="-1"/]

    He was the second shark guide I’d booked with my fishing buddy Champe Carter in our never ending search for Quint. Again, I won’t tell you his name but I will tell you that he was large, maybe 300 pounds, with a basketball-sized head and Popeye-like forearms. He was also quiet, soft spoken, very polite, and consumed enough sugar during our seven hours together to drop five diabetics dead in their tracks. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 4, 2010

    Bonehead - 21

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="196 [nid:1001320940]" index="-1"/]

    It was mid-December and Ohio native Chris Slusher was feeling the strain of a long deer season. Slusher had been hunting extremely hard and logging a lot of hours in the stand, but no shooters had showed up. However, the bowhunter had been hearing about a monster buck being spotted by several people in an area he had permission to hang a stand. It was rumored the giant buck had all the right stuff and was packing around a lot of bone! [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 3, 2010

    Searching For Quint - 11

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="Quint [nid:1001320917]" index="-1"/]

    Quint was a hard man.  

    Obsessive and self-destructive.

    Maniacal and psychotic.

    Uncompromising and sentimental.

    Foul enough to make the Devil cringe and charming enough to…well…he wasn’t charming. Nor was he apologetic.

    Quint was the best there ever was (even though he got eaten at the end).

    There’s never been anyone like him.

    And probably never will be. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 3, 2010

    Hot New Turkey Scope - 13

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="SZ turkey pro scope [nid:1001320915]" index="-1"/]

    Some of you mount a scope on your favorite turkey gun. Some of you don’t. Maximum precision (particularly on longer shots) is part of the positive reasoning. Those who look down the shotgun barrel at bead sights often say they don’t want to complicate matters. Scopes fog up. Scopes won’t let you drop a crippled gobbler on the wing. Scopes are pricey. Some cost as much as a serviceable shotgun. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 2, 2010

    Canine Protection: The Downside - 11

    [dme:image width="300" size="large" side="left" title="mothering dog [nid:1001320905]" index="-1"/]

    Besides working the field for birds, dogs provide another important role in our life: that of defender. They alert us to potential danger in the home and provide a measure of security on walks at night. There is a downside to the protective dog, however, and that's when it becomes overly protective of it's family/pack members. When that happens, you shouldn't see a loving dog but rather dysfunctional behavior that could have severe implications for both humans and the dog.

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  • December 31, 2009

    My New Year's Resolution—Kill Coyotes - 16

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="Coyote Alert [nid:1001320892]" index="-1"/]

    Several bloggers on have weighed in over the past week or so with their New Year’s resolutions. And what noble declarations they have been.

    Dear friend and OL Hunting Editor Andrew McKean vowed to befriend a new hunter, better respect whitetail deer and invest in habitat among other splendid ideas. [ Read Full Post ]

  • December 31, 2009

    A Hunter's Resolutions - 2

    Sure, I want to be in better shape, a more thoughtful spouse, and in better touch with old friends, but my resolutions on this New Year’s Eve shade more toward the achievable.

    Because I’m a hunter, I’m interested in both the journey and the outcome. I love where I’ve been, but I’m mighty curious about where I’m going, and in 2010 I hope to be going both far and staying near.

    It’s both the curse and the blessing of all hunters that we are never quite finished. There is always another region to explore, another animal to study and pursue, another skill to acquire. So, in the spirit of self-improvement, here are a few simple goals and resolutions for a new year of hunting: [ Read Full Post ]

  • December 30, 2009

    Hunter Education for Warriors - 5

    One of the most heart-warming stories I’ve encountered this season revolves around the intersection of two of our favorite populations: volunteer warriors and prospective hunters.

    In the stifling heat of the Kuwaiti desert, an impromptu Hunter Education class convenes under the guidance of a Wyoming game warden.

    The story comes from an unlikely source, Wyoming Game and Fish’s weekly news digest. I can’t top this dispatch from my buddy Jeff Obrecht in the department’s Cheyenne headquarters: [ Read Full Post ]