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Turkey Slam

The turkey world slam took OL's Editor-in-Chief around the world. Check out the photos as Andrew McKean chases gobblers from Florida to Hawaii.
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Top Rangefinders

Today's rangefinders represent a substantial investment, but you get a lot for your money. We tested six of the most feature-packed units to see which are most fieldworthy.
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Deer Survey Results

We wanted to see how OL readers viewed deer hunting so we could start answering questions about how to manage America's favorite game animal. Here's what you had to say.
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Culling the Herd

Before you applaud or admonish a deer cull, it’s important to first know how these things actually work.
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May 9, 2008

Top Picks

  • While most hunters spend their spring weekends waiting for turkey season, Aaron Milliken spends hour after hour studying Google Earth.

  • Anyone who’s come across one knows what Fred Bear meant a half century ago when he said that the thrill of tangling with a grizzly bear cleanses the soul.

  • Check out the most interesting new rifles, shotguns, and handguns from the 2014 SHOT Show.

  • Fire is your best friend in the wild. That's why you need a quality ferrocerium fire starter, or spark rod, to back up a lighter or matches.

  • May 17, 2009

    "Oh Deer!" - 7

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="deer crossing [nid:1001312725]" index="-1"/]

    Motor vehicle accidents involving deer are commonplace in certain regions of the country. Usually it’s a simple front bumper and grill affair—and a $2,000 (or more) deductible.

    But an incident involving a minvan and a deer in Connecticut this week has to be one of the wildest we’ve ever run across. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 17, 2009

    Turkey Decoys 101 - 12

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="Turkey Decoys-May [nid:1001312722]" index="-1"/]

    I’d been cruising along, filling spring turkey tags around the country, three of them on opening days in Texas, Vermont and Maine; my Florida bird dropped on day two. Enter New Hampshire. Time to pay some dues. On that state’s spring turkey opener, a particular vocal gobbler found three ways to beat me, coming inside range to my calls from behind me, in front of me (hidden in thick cover), and again behind me (unseen but heard), with his hen (where'd she come from?) swinging in to just several yards, even hopping onto a tree branch to check my position out. Cool stuff, for starters. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 17, 2009

    Massachusetts: Governor files ‘tough’ anti-gun bill - 5


    A tough new anti-gun bill filed Tuesday by Massachusetts Gov. Deval L. Patrick seeks limit the purchase of guns to one per month and gives the courts new power to hold suspects without bail for simple illegal possession of a firearm. 

    The legislation would give district attorneys new power to keep suspects locked up pending a dangerousness hearing and moves to curb the illegal trafficking of weapons in the state by limiting purchases by so-called "straw purchasers" who buy guns for convicted felons and other prohibited buyers.  [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 16, 2009

    Kiplinger column: Employers, guns and the Second Amendment - 6


    Martha Craver in a May 5 column published on laments how unfortunate it is that employers cannot simply demand workers cede their Constitutional in exchange for a job. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 15, 2009

    The Second Amendment vs. international law - 9


    On March 23, President Obama nominated Harold Koh, former dean of the Yale Law School, to be legal adviser at the U.S. Department of State. As Heritage U.S. Senate Relations Director Brian Darling writes in Human Events, “one of the many concerns [conservatives have] with Koh is his belief that international organizations should be empowered to regulate the Second Amendment right to own a firearm.” [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 14, 2009

    Norman The Nutria - 13

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="Norman Nutria [nid:1001312697]" index="-1"/]

    Talk about delicious irony. What are the odds of finding a story about two species of vermin--tort lawyers and nutria--where both play an integral role in the tale?

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    Meet Norman Nutria (the swamp rat), and Anthony Fontana (the lawyer). [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 13, 2009

    Think Pink - 25

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="Remington Pink [nid:1001312609]" index="-1"/]

    Though I'm sure none of you guys would be caught dead with it, Remington now has a shotgun female shooters might love to have. The new 870 Express Compact with Mossy Oak pink camouflage is sure to be the talk of the hunting camp or shooting range when a young lady shows up to shoot with this new gun. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 12, 2009

    New York: County attorney says proposed local ammo law is constitutional - 8

    The Albany County attorney has found that a proposed local law requiring gun shops to register sales of ammunition is constitutional and is not pre-empted by state statute.

    Gun advocates have rallied against proposed Local Law A since it was introduced at a March 9 meeting of the Albany County Legislature. The measure was sent to the legislature's Law Committee for review, and Committee Chairman Bryan Clenahan asked County Attorney Craig Denning for a ruling on its constitutionality. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 11, 2009

    Slamming 2 Super Bucks - 27

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="bbz_may11_1 [nid:1001312586]" index="-1"/]

    A close encounter with a buck of a lifetime just doesn’t happen every day for most hunters. However, a father and son from Iowa were able to pull off two close encounters with a pair of super bucks just a few days apart last November. Brandon Cosner was facing some pretty tough conditions during the much anticipated rut. Howling wind and a slushy rain had driven this diehard bow hunter from one of his favorite stands. Brandon and his father decided to cover a lot of ground and glass the area for a monster on the bed. Finally, the two spotted the faint outline of antlers through the tall grass. Without hesitation, Brandon checked the current wind direction and began planning a safe route that would allow him to sneak within bow range of the bedded trophy.

    [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 11, 2009

    New York: Gun debate shows upstate-downstate rift - 6

    Bills that would require renewals of handgun permits and a system to tag and track spent shell casings have touched off the first gun-control battle in years at New York's Capitol this week.

    The Democrat-controlled Assembly approved both measures. And they face a better chance at becoming law now that the Senate also is controlled by Democrats. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 10, 2009

    Pennsylvania: Harrisburg OKs law requiring gun owners to report lost, stolen firearms - 6

    The Harrisburg City Council, on a 7-0 vote on April 29, adopted legislation requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms within 48 hours. Failure to do so could mean a fine of $50 to $1,000 or up to 90 days in jail.

    Supporters said the proposal will help police prevent a lost or stolen gun from being resold to be used in a crime. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 9, 2009

    Alaska: Gun owners pack meeting - 4

    More than 200 people packed the Soldotna Sports Center on April 28 for a Second Amendment Task Force meeting, an event locally spearheaded by Bob Bird, of Nikiski, a local high school social studies teacher, and most recently a candidate for U.S. Senate.

    Bird explained to the crowd early on that the assembly was not politically based, saying, "This is not the National Rifle Association, this is not the Gun Owners of America, this is not a political party. We're here because we sense that our right to keep and bear arms is being threatened." [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 8, 2009

    The Day I Was Shot At - 32

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="I Was Shot At [nid:1001312545]" index="-1"/]

    Took a few days off last week to hunt some turkeys up at my camp. To say that the week was successful is an understatement. Five guys took eight birds and everyone had multiple opportunities to fill their two tags. 

    Things kind of came to a screeching halt on Thursday morning when we were shot at. Here's the tale... [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 8, 2009

    California: ‘Horrific’ ammo bill shelved by state Assembly - 0


    Jim Matthews, outdoor writer for the San Bernardino Sun, writes in a column published Thursday that “one of the worst pieces of anti-gun owner legislation in a number of years effectively has been tabled by the California legislature.”

    The bill, AB962, sponsored by Los Angeles Democratic Assemblyman Kevin De Leon, was put in the ‘Suspense’ File by the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Wednesday. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 8, 2009

    Take A Jake? - 18

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="Turkey Jake [nid:1001312527]" index="-1"/]

    Right now, some of you have tagged out. Your season might even be over. You’re basking in the glory of the spring hunt. The post-game win stuff. Grilling turkey and telling stories. All that. Meanwhile, maybe a bud or two, is still carrying a tag where seasons are still open. They’ve got a rabid howler monkey on their backs. They just can’t seem to close the deal on a longbeard this season. [ Read Full Post ]