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Barnyard Bucks

Bucks that live to see four years of age or more have plenty of hiding spots, and chances are there’s a barnyard among them.
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Review: Colt M2012

Shooting Editor John B. Snow puts this beefy, but elegant, precision bolt gun to the test.
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Train for the West

These six cornerstones are the keys to preparing for a backcountry western hunt. Here's what you need, from guns, to gear, to conditioning.
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Wyo. Cast and Blast

Wyoming boasts the largest and most widespread populations of sage grouse. So break a sweat hunting them in the morning and cool off in the river after lunch by fishing for monster trout.
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May 9, 2008

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  • If elk are left undisturbed, they can be patterned, and that’s how you find them—even from thousands of miles away.

  • Learn how to make fire in a can and 50 other essential skills, inspired projects, and clever hacks to improve your outdoor life.

  • We had a small field in our annual shotguns test, but it was full of some stellar models. See which gun took home top honors.

  • From trends and innovations to real-life performance, here's what we learned about the best new rifles after our annual gun test.

  • June 20, 2014

    Video: Hand Feeding Bluefish to Sharks Circling Boat - 0

    Pesky blue sharks circling your boat? Why not hand feed them some bluefish? Check out this clip of Capt. Mark Segal and the crew on the TABASCO having some fun with blue sharks during the Star Island Shark Tournament off Long Island.

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  • June 19, 2014

    Essential Outdoor Skill: Properly Mount a Scope - 2

    Photo by Justin Appenzeller

    All you need to correctly mount a scope so that the reticle is dead level, the eye relief is correct, and everything is tightened properly are a workbench with a vise, a small bubble level, and a torque wrench. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 19, 2014

    Alabama Man Sentenced for "Cannonballing" Manatee Mother and Calf - 0

    An Alabama man who plead guilty to "cannonballing" a mother manatee and her calf last year in Florida has been fined and sentenced to community service and probation.

    Taylor Martin, the self-proclaimed "Tayla the manatee slaya," appeared in an Orlando Federal Court Wednesday and was ordered to pay a $3,000 fine and serve 175 community service hours. He will also serve two years of probation and must issue an apology for harassing the endangered species on Facebook, where a video of him leaping on the animals first appeared. 

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  • June 19, 2014

    Survival Skills: How to Dry and Pickle Wild Edible Plants - 0

    Some of the best wild edible plants are only available for a short window of time. With summer berries and many of the wild vegetables coming into season soon, now is a great time to get set up for the preservation of these free seasonal foods. Two of the easiest methods to preserve your wild harvest are drying and pickling. Here’s how to get started. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 19, 2014

    Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless: Monitor Your Deer Herd from Your Phone - 2

    Trail cameras that send images to the user via email or text message—known as “wireless” cams—have been around for years. While they have the potential to be useful tools, they’ve also been fraught with issues, including weak networks and prohibitively expensive contracts.

    Bushnell promises that its new Trophy Cam HD Wireless ($600; will not suffer the shortcomings of its predecessors because it operates on AT&T’s 3G network, ships with a SIM card, and features pay-as-you-go plans. I recently got my hands on one to see if this really is a revolution in remote game management. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 18, 2014

    Survival Skills: 3 Tricks With Matches - 2

    Talk about a survival story: A full century has passed since the invention of the lighter, yet matches remain a staple in survival kits. Lighters last longer and can resist water better, but there’s something about matches that keeps them in circulation.

    Maybe it’s the fact that they’re plentiful and often can be obtained for no charge from bars, restaurants, and some stores. Or maybe people like matches for nostalgia reasons. Whatever your fixation, here are three match tricks that will give you a boost when you’re down to your last box or book. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 18, 2014

    HSUS Petitions For Lead Ammo Ban on Public Lands - 2

    Our old friends at the Humane Society of the United States are at it again.

    This time the anti-hunting organization is looking to effectively shut down hunting on public land by eliminating the use of lead-based ammunition.

    This is a tactic that has been tried before and beaten back. The Center For Biological Diversity, another anti-hunting group, had its petition to the Environmental Protection Agency requesting a ban on lead-based ammunition twice rejected.

    Some states have also dealt with – and rejected – the notion of banning lead ammo. But one state has adopted a ban: California.

    But HSUS being HSUS, they figured they might as well give it another whack and have even developed a plan of attack for getting it done (See the HSUS Lead Free Campaign). [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 18, 2014

    Is Your Dog Breeder an Ostrich? - 0

    People don’t change. We get set in our ways and beliefs, and if something runs counter to those systems, we resist, argue and dig in to defend our position. This happens even in the face of overwhelming scientific data. And dog people could be the worst offenders on the planet.

    All dog people learn from one another (sometimes what not to do), and begin to develop their own theories. These theories are usually related to what they’ve learned (been told) by someone else, and from their own experiences and their interpretation of those experiences. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 18, 2014

    How to Sharpen an Ax - 0

    An ax is just as useful for today’s woodsman as it was for pioneers centuries ago. A good man with an ax can still build a cabin, fence, or bobsled, and can keep himself warm with the firewood that he chops - no other tools necessary. There are many different ways to sharpen an ax, depending on whether you wish to fell a tree, smooth planks for a table, or shave hair off a rawhide lashing strip.

    To put an edge on an ax that is suitable for felling trees, chopping wood, or even grubbing stumps out of the ground follow the directions below. This edge is not designed to be razor sharp and will not be suited to carving or shaving. But it is great for all around use and will take a fair amount of abuse and still keep cutting. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 18, 2014

    Tips for Protecting Your ATV When Riding Through Deep Mud - 0

    CC image from Flickr

    In today’s world of mostly belt driven ATVs and UTVs, the transmission seems to take a beating whenever you decide to get in the muddy stuff. Also, hauling a trailer or a hunting blind through swampy terrain can potentially destroy a machine’s driveline without you even realizing it.

    Obviously, the wheels cannot spin as well once you’re in deep mud. As you apply the throttle to get them to move, the belt begins to slip and starts heating up. These factors, when combined, can destroy the drive belt. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 18, 2014

    Video: Handlining Tarpon from a Kayak - 0

    There's been an explosion of anglers paddling out in kayaks in recent years. Because of the portability and maneuverability, kayaks offer professionals and weekend warriors alike the option to fish from almost any body of water.

    Modern fishing kayaks have rod holders, waterproof gear storage and plenty of room for an angler and all of his toys.  But straight out of Hemmingway’s Old Man and the Sea, this angler (from Team Googan) didn’t feel the need to clutter his kayak with rods, reels, or tackle boxes full of lures. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 18, 2014

    Giant Bullfrogs Invade Vancouver Island - 2

    Rabbit-sized predators have invaded the Vancouver Island city of Port Alberni, B.C. and they are driving the residents hopping mad.

    Port Alberni is suffering at the hands–and strong legs–of an army of American bullfrogs. No one is quite sure how the invasive species made it to the island, but some of the best guesses blame ornamental water gardeners who stocked their hobby ponds with the king-sized frogs. Failed frog-leg farmers who released their stock into the wild also make likely suspects. Regardless, these frogs are bad news.  [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 17, 2014

    Win This Book: "Prepare for Anything Survival Manual" - 0


    Win a free copy of Outdoor Life's Prepare for Anything Survival Manual by signing up on our Facebook page HEREThe sweepstakes runs until June 27!

    Are you prepared for a category 4 hurricane? What about a financial collapse or an extended blackout? What would you do to survive a chemical spill or terrorist attack?

    Outdoor Life's Prepare for Anything Survival Manual explains how to survive these scenarios and many more.

    The book is packed full of hands-on tips, helpful checklists, and first-person accounts. It takes you through the gear, skills, and techniques needed to survive everything from the next Chernobyl, to your truck breaking down in the backcountry.

     [Buy the Survival Manual here!]

    Not every survival skill pertains to a life-threatening, earth-shattering situation. This book will take you through the day-to-day dos-and-don’ts to make you a more self-sufficient individual. It will show you a survivor's attitude, giving you the confidence to respond to whatever an unpredictable day may have in store for you.

    Check out a sneak-peek from the book below...

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  • June 17, 2014

    Army Corps of Engineers Propose Oregon Cormorant Cull to Benefit Salmon, Steelhead - 0

    In a move that’s sure to enrage PETA, the Audubon Society, and a host of other groups that often oppose conservation efforts, federal officials proposed killing almost 3,000 cormorants that reside on or near East Sand Island at the mouth of the Columbia River in northwest Oregon.

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers revealed the plan Thursday, according to the Statesmen Journal. Although most folks typically recognize USACE for its involvement in public infastructure, the organization also works on environmental causes including habitat restoration and protecting endangered species. The plan cites an overabundance of birds and their insatiable appetite for steelhead and juvenile salmon (an endangered species).

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  • June 17, 2014

    Summer Bass Fishing: Tips, Tactics, and Gear for Catching Monster Bass - 0

    Early summer can be the best time to land the biggest bass of your life. But if you use the wrong tactics and gear, it can also be one of the most frustrating times to fish.

    To keep you in the action, we've compiled the best baits and techniques for chasing monster summer bass. Before you hit the water, check out these tactics and gear suggestions. [ Read Full Post ]