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  • Aqua-Vu's Multi-Vu

    Interpret your fishfinder's screen accurately with underwater cameras

    Interpret your fishfinder's screen accurately with underwater cameras…
  • A return to traditional design and performance in a value-packed field of binoculars

    A return to traditional design and performance in a value-packed field of binoculars…
  • Six of the hottest pedal and motor kayaks go fishing

    Kayaks aren’t just for tree-hugging hippies anymore. Turns out these relatively inexpensive yet capable craft are perfect for chasing everything from bluegills to blue…
  • Outdoor Life bow test 2017

    Shooting hundreds of arrows and tuning 15 bows provides valuable lessons

    Outdoor Life’s 2017 Bow Test is a wrap. The last arrow was shot about a week ago. There were 15 compounds involved and my first order of business was to set up each for…
  • Gander Mountain closing

    CEO indicates most store locations "will not survive"

    The news for fans of Gander Mountain just got a bit worse. In March, the hunting and fishing retail store announced it had filed for bankruptcy and unveiled plans to…
  • Searching the Everglades for giant, invasive constrictors

    The python’s success in the Everlades has more to do with human folly than any monster-like qualities of the snake. Burmese pythons are native to the jungles and grassy…
  • make your own turkey calls

    Don't settle for off-the-shelf, good-enough gear. Here's how to make your own.

    It may seem counterintuitive for legendary call sellers Will Primos and Preston Pittman to give advice and encouragement to do-it-yourself call makers, but they remember…
  • turkey vest

    Ten items you've never thought to carry – but should

    Every turkey-hunting vest contains the old standards, staples, and standbys. Turkey calls. Locator calls. Decoys. Saw, snips, or both. Extra shotgun shells. A headlamp.
  • old-hunting-dog-bed

    The Big Barker bed is just the thing for your old or ailing gun dog

    Wooten says up to 80 percent of dogs suffer from the orthopedic effects of inadequate bedding. Put another way, most hunting dogs, most times, are probably not…

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Bow Test 2016

Our industry-leading evaluation turned up top-tier compounds and crossbows including some some bargains, and a few oddballs including:


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