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Fishin' Adventures of Liz and Captain Steve

I guess I should start with an introduction and synopsis of my blog. For about two years now I’ve been fishing with a young women named Liz . She is a fishing addict, who likes to fish and skill level is higher then most guys I know. She is more on the conservative side. In contrast , I see the more dramatic side of fishing. Every fishing adventure is a learn experience. These are some fishing outing with my good fishing buddy Liz and myself (Capt) Steve.


Steve) And I went fishing out at Anclote today. We started out in the channel closest to the power plant. We had absolutely no luck. We decided to move out further into the flats. This was a great idea because after our move the bite was on! We caught countless Trout with Steve bringing in the biggest. I also caught a lady fish and a small Red. I can definitely say that the colder waters that November has brought has made it a great month for Trout. Steve and I fish often together, this was the first time we took pictures. Over all it was a great day of fishing!

Capt. Steve

Liz is only telling you half the story. First of all the day appeared hopeless. We fished the Anclote river for a while . I hate that place it has cost me a small fortune in tackle. After losing three rigs and no luck. I suggested we moved to the flats. The tide was high and strong, winds between 5 and 15 mph water temp dropping. Liz forged a path in neck deep water. Finally we made our stand on a small sand bar about a 1/2 mile off shore. Huge sting rays were everywhere like sharks just waiting for us to step off the sand bar. We continued fishing without fear. Still the luck was not with us, casting against such a strong wind and current with hypothermia starting to creep in and our sprites down, all hope seemed lost . Just then Liz finally broke our bad luck with a huge lady fish , nearly stripping all the line from its spool. Only through her fishing know how was she able to get this wild beast in. Then my fishing instincts kicked in ,where there lady fish there are trout. I knew there must be a drop off further out. So I made my way to the next sand bar then the next until land was barely in sight. I turned to Liz and said “we are on them now I feel it ” and with one whip of my rod, I casted in to the dark waters ahead. Suddenly my float disappeared, I set the hook on what felt like a small boat. Almost tearing the rod from my hands nearly frost bitten hands. After, what felt like an hour , was I able to haul this 19 in monster. At this point I knew we were on to something. Liz was catching a ton of smaller trout. So many, her reels just about gave out. Then with another swift cast , I hooked in to what what felt like to be a shark like creature. After, finally fighting it in. I discover it was an enormous deep sea trout. Just as I got her close and thought I’ve won this battle, she struck one final blow flipping off my hook and swam back into the dark waters. Not to fear though because at this time ,I knew Liz and myself had found the legendary, “ Trout Honey Hole of Anclote.” We continue on our quest, bringing in fish after fish. Nothing to brag about, I added one more keeper to our stringer. I knew that there must be prized red fish down there some where. Right at that moment Liz had a big fish on but was unable to tame this wild beast. With weather conditions getting worse, winds picking up temperature going down and our bait getting low. Liz rallied up all her strength and hauled in a nicely sized red fish not the monster she has been use to slaying but a worthy adversary . With a storm creeping upon us, we made the long journey back to shore sore, weathered, battered but……….. VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!!

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