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Fishin' Adventures of Liz and Captain Steve: Fishing Reports Kayak Fishin Kickin off Anclote January 24, 2012

Fishing Reports Kayak Fishin Kickin off Anclote January 24, 2012,
Capt. Steve:

Fished off the Anclote Pier today with the ever popular Liz and when I mean off I mean off, on kayaks. After some recent bad luck, she was anxious to get out in her new kayak and catch some fish. I borrowed a friends kayak and joined her. Its started off as a beautiful day smooth seas, sunny skies. We arrived at the pier at approximately 9:45. Earlier morning anglers were already coming up from the river with some monstrous trout in tow. We were felt a little behind the 8 - ball because of some sub standard bait we received from Harts One Stop . After lugging all our gear down to the water’s edge , we boarded our kayaks and paddled out to our wade fishing stomping grounds only into deeper waters. As we stared fishing the bite was on right from the start. Hauling in trout after trout for what seemed like hours but only producing one keeper fish. Suddenly the bite stopped and fierce winds and rough seas arose out of nowhere, tossing our kayaks round like tops. Liz anchor up and was able to steady her craft. However I forgot my anchor and was at the mercy on the rough seas. Finally I was able to tie up to Liz’s kayak and steady myself. Through heavy winds, rough seas and wave breaking over the bow of our kayaks we fished on. Finally the fatal winds subsided as our bait was running low. With almost no bait left Liz tied on her secret trout rig and casted forward as soon as the bait hit the water a huge splash exploded near her bobber and it was gone. She set the hook and hauled in a nice keeper trout. Batter from the rough seas and gale force winds , we paddle slowly back. As we entered the mouth of the river we were greeted by a school of dolphins . We beached our kayaks and realized ,we had a great day of fishing yielding two keeper trout and I learned one thing today. Always bring an anchor when on a boat.


Your nuts! I cant believe I’m a dumbass and accidentally erased the pictures! We are so going back asap! And I’m never using Harts bait again. I wouldn’t use it if they gave it to us for free. Not only did I cheat on my bait guy but got crappy bait

Capt Steve:

Liz learned never cheat on your bait shop guy.

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