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Q:Like I posted before I was at gander mountain but while I was there I also looked at a few shotguns. Those were the berretta a3000 or 300 outlander, the bennelli nova and supernova and the winchester sx3. I didn't hold the nova or the supernova just because my dad was kinda in a hurry to get out a there. I have held the supernova but it felt like the length of pull was a little long. Also the vent rib was a little high but that was last year and I have grown a lot so Mabey it will fit me better. The a3000 outlander seemed like a decent gun but with the price tag of I think five hundred it was tough to beat. It was a little heavy and the composite stock was a little cheapy. The sx3 Wow it felt very nice with the dura touch instead of the traditional checkering never really cared for it on synthetics. So i am having to decide between a shotgun or a rifle also if you have othe suggestions on shotguns perferably semiauto 12 ga please post. I am thirteen and deciding over a 30-06 or a 12ga. The shotgun would be used more ( pheasent . Duck/ goose, and lastly deer.) the rifle would be for mostly coyote but if I ever go up to one of my friends cabins I would use it for deer or if I ever go like elk or some other big game hunting. If I get the rifle I can always use my dads 1100 or wingmaster &870 both Remington's. But if I get the shotgun if I have to shoot a coyote I would have to use my dads browning a-bolt or my .22 lr the other reason. I'm leaning towards getting the rifle first is because coyote season is comming up soon well it's year round but when you see them the most Is soon while shotgunning seasons are almost over. Thanks.

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