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Best Shotguns Ever

How do you define the best shotgun or even a great shotgun? We round up the 10 best shotguns ever made in America.

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Best Bargain Pumps

A good old pump shotgun might not impress your skeet shooting buddies, but it will always go bang when you need it to. We rounded up this list of the best pump shotguns for less than $500.

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  • February 18, 2014

    Winchester's New AA Traaker Loads Help You See Where You're Missing - 0

    Winchester is expanding its line of Traaker loads (ain’t the AA in the middle of the name clever?) to include 12 and 20 gauge shells for sporting clays.

    If you haven’t tried them before you owe it yourself to get a box. For one, they aren’t much more expensive than regular shells – the technology adds about one buck to the price – and, two, they are excellent training tools.

    The wad in these shells is designed to fly true with the pattern of shot and because it is visible it provides excellent visual feedback when you miss. [ Read Full Post ]

  • February 14, 2014

    Police Survey: Overreaching Gun Control Increases Crime, Endangers Officers - 8

    Last March, the conducted a survey of 15,000 current, former or retired law enforcement officers from across the U.S. regarding gun control policies and the root causes of, and potential solutions to, gun crime in the U.S. The website is dedicated to covering law enforcement-related issues for 400,000 registered members who are all individually-verified federal, state or local law enforcement professionals.

    Although some preliminary results were leaked during last April's debate on the first gun control package proposed in the U.S. Senate since 1994 -- all seven proposed bills were ultimately rejected -- formally released the survey's final results on Feb. 10.

    The survey results confirm a complete and utter disconnect between gun control zealots and reality with 86 percent -- nearly 13,000 of 15,000 respondents -- stating that gun control laws "would have no effect or a negative effect on improving officer safety." [ Read Full Post ]

  • February 4, 2014

    New Video Cameras: Replay 1080 Mini and Prime X - 0

    If you want to critique your shooting form or just post cool footage onto your YouTube page, Replay has two cameras that can help. The 1080 Mini and the Prime X have features have a handful of features that will make them well fit for the shooting world.

    The cameras are super portable, they vibrate when turned on (so you won't have to stop and check to make sure its recording), and they come with a picatinny mount. The Mini version is a 5-megapixel camera and will retail for $199. The larger version is a 16-megapixel camera and has a 3.5-hour batter life. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 25, 2014

    New Semiautomatic Shotgun: Weatherby SA-08 28-Gauge - 0

    Introducing a sub-gauge shotgun seemed to be a theme among firearm makers at SHOT Show this year. And, this new Weatherby was one of our favorites. The SA-08 28-gauge Deluxe only weighs 5.5 pounds and handles beautifully. Don't think a 28-gauge has enough killing power? Let this new semiautomatic prove you wrong … it will retail for about $850. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 24, 2014

    Shotgun Tips: How to Remedy Equal-Eye Dominance - 0

    Photo by Yamil Sued

    Question: "I am trying to learn to shoot with both eyes open. I shoot left-­handed and have always closed my right eye when shooting a rifle or shotgun. Whenever I look down a shotgun barrel with both eyes open, though, I see two beads. I think I might be co-eye dominant. Any suggestions?" —Mark Barnes, via

    My Answer: It is possible that your eyes are equally dominant and that can make the “two bead” effect more pronounced. Ultimately, however, it doesn’t need to have any negative impact on your shooting. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 24, 2014

    Tempio Syren: A New Shotgun Designed for Women - 0

    Syren is a new brand from Caesar Guerini and Fabarm. Their new gun is totally designed for women: it has a shorter length of pull, a tighter radius grip, and a Monte Carlo stock that's angled out for a more natural fit for the average woman.

    There will be four new guns in the line: a 12-gauge semiauto, 12- and 20-gauge sporting guns, and the field gun you see in the video. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 22, 2014

    Mossberg 500 vs. Remington 870: We Settle the Debate Once and For All - 5

    We took two classic pump guns and beat the snot out them to determine which is tougher: the Mossberg 500 or the Remington 870.  Check out our Battle of the Boat Paddles.

    Duck Dunk
    Both shotguns were dropped from 3 feet into a clay-mud hole with the action open. They stayed submerged for one minute, and the process was repeated three times. Afterward, each shotgun was rinsed out, loaded, and shot. Both accepted shells with no problem. The Mossberg’s slide became considerably more gritty than the Remington’s, but both were up to the task. Upon firing, the Remington’s trigger stuck initially, but then it worked without flaw.

    Winner: The 500, because it functioned slightly better than the 870. [ Read Full Post ]