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Best Shotguns Ever

How do you define the best shotgun or even a great shotgun? We round up the 10 best shotguns ever made in America.

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Best Bargain Pumps

A good old pump shotgun might not impress your skeet shooting buddies, but it will always go bang when you need it to. We rounded up this list of the best pump shotguns for less than $500.

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A look at 16 of the finest firearms ever made.

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How a professional instructor introduces a newbie to scatterguns

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OL's shooting editor puts the Benelli Super Sport to the test.

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  • January 14, 2014

    Benelli Ethos: New Semiautomatic Shotgun 2014 - 0

    The Ethos is Benelli's inertia-driven semiautomatic shotgun introduction for 2014. It's a lightweight upland bird gun that features a new shock absorption system in the stock and a comfortable cheek pad. The gun is available with a nickel-plated receiver or an anodized receiver. 

    [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 10, 2014

    Rifle Scopes: How Much Magnification Do You Use? - 7

    My first variable power scope was a Leupold 3-9X that I had mounted on a Ruger 77—my first “real” gun. After I mounted it I cranked it up to 9X and don’t think I turned it down ever that I can recall.

    It was reading about Africa and hunting dangerous game—long before I ever had a chance to visit the Dark Continent—that I learned about the virtues of hunting with scopes set to lower power, a philosophy that is second nature to me today. The vast majority of my big game kills are at 4X or so. In the case of longer shots, off a steady rest, I might go to 8X but that is a rare exception. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 6, 2014

    How to Shoot 0.2 Seconds Faster With Every Shot - 1

    Set up three targets, spaced about five yards from each other, ten to 15 yards down range and shoot them in order this order (6 shots total): 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1. Do this with either a handgun or rifle a few times and record your results with a timer. The catch is that only clean runs count—either with A-Zone hits on cardboard silhouettes or hits on 6-inch steel.

    Now, if you want to drop at least one second from your times, do this… [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 3, 2014

    Merry Christmas to Me: T.A.B. Gear Rapid Adjust Sling - 0

    Tony Burkea didn’t believe me when I told him that my favorite present from Christmas was the sling he sent me for the sniper match I’m competing in for the next few days. The bottle of vintage port that my lovely ex-wife gave me didn’t count due to the speed with which it disappeared—along with a wedge of stinky Stilton cheese—on Christmas day.

    No, the rapid adjust T.A.B. Gear rifle sling is by far the best gift I got. (It costs $110 and you can find it at

    At first glance, the sling seems to be festooned with a confusing array of buckles and clips, and if you’ve never used a sling for anything other than propping a rifle on your shoulder, you could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by it.

    But everything on the sling serves a justifiable and valid purpose. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 2, 2014

    Do You Name Your Guns? - 10

    I have a new rifle in my safe, a sleek left-handed bolt action made by Montana Rifle Company. It’s chambered in .280 Ackley Improved, and because of that designation, and the fact that it flat-out knocks the stuffing out of anything I point it at, I started calling it the “Ack Attack.”

    I have a couple other guns that wear nicknames: a Remington 700 Alaska Wilderness Rifle chambered in .30/06 that, because it’s built on Bell & Carlson’s green synthetic stock, is called “Olive,” and a Ruger No. 1 in .243 that I somehow started calling “Roger.” [ Read Full Post ]

  • December 31, 2013

    3-Gun Tips: Shooting Faster with Mike Voigt - 0

    I just spent a couple days down in Southern California training with two of the top 3-gunners in the nation: Barry Dueck and Mike Voigt, both of whom happen to work for Surefire.

    These guys are scary fast on the trigger. Part of what makes them so is that they know how to move fast the right way.

    Voigt puts it like this. “My eyes are very fast, my hands are okay, my body sucks and my feet are terrible.” [ Read Full Post ]

  • December 30, 2013

    Year of the Gun: 9 Biggest 2nd Amendment Stories of 2013 - 2

    The year of 2013 saw more political battles over gun control than any time since the Clinton era. Some good bills were passed, some detrimental bills were passed, but most of the legislation never survived Congress. To help put the year in perspective, we’ve summarized the 9 biggest 2nd Amendment stories of 2013.

    1) Historic Senate vote slows anti-gun rhetoric

    In a dramatic victory of logic over knee-jerk emotion, the U.S. Senate on April 17 derailed the gun control lobby’s campaign to capitalize on the Newtown shootings when it rejected all seven proposed amendments to the first gun control bill debated on its floor since 1994. [ Read Full Post ]