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Big Game

Elk Hunting Tips: The Basics of Long-Range Scouting

Next to deer, the big-game animal most whitetail hunters want to pursue is bull elk. They are big and dramatic, and so is the country they call home.

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Bullet Deflection Test

The bull is standing broadside just behind that screen of brush. Do you shoot through the limbs and hope your bullet punches home? Or do you wait for a clear shot, even if it means the elk might get away?

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Big Game Articles

Backcountry Optics

Live Hunt host, Aron Snyder, reviews some of the best glass and spotting gear on the...

Tent Test

Live Hunt's Aron Snyder puts Nemo's new Moto 1P through its paces on a midwinter coyote...

Montana Elk

This horseback hunt for elk is like stepping back in time.

Muley Battle

Two muleys battle it out on the Southwest Desert.

Albino Bear

Amazing photos of an albino black bear found in Montana!

DIY Moose Call

Even if you never call in a 60-inch bull, you’ll be able to impress your hunting...

  • January 16, 2009

    Starting At The Top - 8

    [dme:image size="large" side="right" title="bbz starting at the top main photo [nid:1001309239]" index="-1"/]

    For most of us, a small basket-racked buck or a slick headed doe was responsible for igniting a lifelong passion for deer hunting. All of us know exactly how tough it can be to connect with one of those top-heavy giants that make it hard to concentrate at work during November or even sleep the night before opening day. However, some lucky hunters don’t fool around with a pencil thin spike horn or a doe when they punch that first tag. 

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  • January 16, 2009

    Record Gun Sales Spike - 3


    [dme:image size="large" side="right" title="Gun Shop [nid:1001309234]" index="-1"/]

    Like many other states, Colorado experienced a surge in firearms sales in 2008, especially following the November general election. 

    Firearms owners nationwide believe the election of Barack Obama signals a forthcoming return of the 90s-era ban of certain firearms and high capacity magazine—at the very least —as well as other gun and ammunition restrictions. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 14, 2009

    NEW Coyote Buster Load - 6

    Bob Baker at Freedom Arms, who happens to be one of the nicest guys in the gun business, has been hard at work on a couple of projects, one of which is the new .224-32 FA cartridge.

    What Bob has done is to neck down brass from the .327 Federal to accept .224 diameter bullets, creating what should be one hell of a coyote/varmint/predator round for use in revolvers in the process. [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 14, 2009

    One Of The Good Guys - 3

    [dme:image size="small" side="right" title="David Spade [nid:1001309190]" index="0"/]

    Hunters, anglers and shooting sports enthusiasts often ask me to help them identify the good from the bad among politicians as well as high-profile sports and entertainment personalities

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell who you can trust these days.

    Television and movie actor and Saturday Night Live alumnus David Spade has recently proven he is an anomaly among many of those who work in the entertainment industry.  [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 14, 2009

    The Wait Is Over - 8

    [dme:image size="large" side="left" title="Crossbow 2 [nid:1001309186]" index="0"/]

    Deer hunting virtues like patience, perseverance, and dedication are often rewarded for those willing to stay in the treestand, especially during the magical November rut. Jared Horner of Blanchester Ohio spent three years of his life chasing a giant non-typical buck that routinely haunted his dreams. During this period, he had several close encounters with the top-heavy bruiser, but the buck always managed to make all of the right moves.  [ Read Full Post ]

  • April 30, 2006

    50 Great Hunting Tips - 10

    One of the most interesting things about being a hunter is that the learning process never stops. Added up over the years, these gems of knowledge make us all better hunters. Here are our top 50. [ Read Full Post ]