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Predators & Small Game

Coyote Tactics

We explain coyote rut behavior and give you hunting tips from the pros.

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Backwoods Bushytails

It's impossible to beat the simple joy of a day spent squirrel hunting with kids and dogs.

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Predators & Small Game Articles

Iguana Hunting

Iguana hunting. Yup, you heard right. Watch as Terry Gibson and crew go head to head...

Caught On Camera!

Fascinating surveillance photos capture wildlife usage of underground crossings in...

Who Hates Snakes?

GRAPHIC PHOTOS! As many as 150,000 wild pythons are roaming the wilds of South Florida....

The Howling

Exclusive Outdoor Life video helps you speak to coyotes in their own language—put fur on...

Rabbit Skinning Made Easy

Your five-step guide to rabbit preparation.

Wolves Delisted—Again

The Obama Administration okays gray wolf status.

  • March 28, 2014

    Trap Shooting Beecomes Minnesota's Fastest Growing High School Sport - 2

    Just 30 student athletes from three Minnesota high school teams participated in the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League in 2008. Six years later MSHSCTL has exploded into Minnesota’s fastest-growing high school sport.

    This spring, the league will host 6,100 athletes from 185 high schools for its 2014 spring season, MSHSCTL announced in a press release Thursday. Starting in April, student athletes will work with 1,800 volunteer coaches to compete in trap shooting competitions at 106 shooting ranges throughout Minnesota. [ Read Full Post ]

  • March 27, 2014

    Predator Calling Video: Mountain Lion Appears Out of Nowhere - 1

    Many outdoorsman will go a whole lifetime without ever seeing a mountain lion in the wild, and this video is a good example why.

    The hunter in this video was set up to call bobcats, but instead he drew a mountain lion to his set. The cougar slinks in through low grass, totally undetected. The hunter didn't have a mountain lion tag, so there was no shot, but it's still a very cool video.

    [ Read Full Post ]

  • March 24, 2014

    Video: Lion vs Snake, in Slow Motion - 1

    We've seen a mother leopard take out a python and now lions are getting in on the snake-hunting action.

    Check out this video of a swift lioness pouncing on a snake. She catches the snake just before it's able to escape into the water.

    [ Read Full Post ]

  • March 21, 2014

    Photos: Coyote Hunting on Lake Superior - 0

    Brutal winters like the one we’re experiencing in the upper Midwest can wreak havoc on an outdoorsman’s plans, but for a coyote hunter willing to deal with the snow and cold, opportunities abound. [ Read Full Post ]

  • March 18, 2014

    Video: Grizzly Bears vs Campsite - 1

    Zoo attendees in Billings, Mont., were treated to a scene of destruction Saturday as grizzly bears Bruno and Ozzy were let loose in a fake campsite to do what bears do in the woods. The bears shredded a tent, a sleeping bag, and chairs; knocked over and tore through a garbage can; and ripped into food containers. The only thing that survived was a bear-proof cooler that neither bruin could manage to get into.  

    The purpose of the demonstration was to allow Bruno and Ozzy to work through some deep emotional issues both had carried since childhood. OK...

    The real reason for the show was to demonstrate how most bear-proof items aren’t bear proof at all. [ Read Full Post ]

  • March 17, 2014

    Video: Coyote Shot at 1,020 Yards - 0

    Any shot with a rifle at 1,000 yards requires a little luck. But, the guys who posted this video have a series of clips on long-range coyote shooting to prove they know what they're doing.

    This shot was made at 1,020 yards and the video was published to YouTube last year. There's plenty of reason to debate the ethics of long-range hunting, but it's also important to recognize the amount of skill that goes into this level or marksmanship. [ Read Full Post ]

  • March 13, 2014

    Rabid Wolf Injures at Least 11 People in Tiberias - 0

    A rabid female wolf tore through the streets of Tiberias last week injuring at least 11 people, according to

    The attacks began in the morning and continued for hours into the afternoon, until police were finally able to corner and kill the animal. The injured were immediately taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for rabies. [ Read Full Post ]