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Predators & Small Game

Coyote Tactics

We explain coyote rut behavior and give you hunting tips from the pros.

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Backwoods Bushytails

It's impossible to beat the simple joy of a day spent squirrel hunting with kids and dogs.

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Predators & Small Game Articles

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Iguana hunting. Yup, you heard right. Watch as Terry Gibson and crew go head to head...

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The Obama Administration okays gray wolf status.

  • October 18, 2013

    Grouse Hunting: Pattern Birds for a Better All-Day Hunt - 0

                              Photo: Mitch Kezar, Windigo Images

    Hit the ground and start walking. That’s the strategy most hunters employ when they enter the woods in search of ruffed grouse. “Cover enough country and sooner or later I’ll find them,” they say to themselves. Add a few weeks of hunting pressure and waning food to the equation, and it all gets a bit tougher.

    But you can save steps, increase your flush count, get more shots, and bag more birds if you use some common sense and follow the program below. Ruffed grouse utilize different parts of their habitat at different times of day. Here’s where to hunt and when. [ Read Full Post ]

  • October 17, 2013

    Colorado Man Attacked by 3 Coyotes, Fought Them Off With Flashlight - 0

    Earlier this week we told you about a man who fought off a bear attack by grabbing the animal’s tongue.

    Now come news of a man who survived a coyote attack by utilizing his flashlight as a club.

    Niwot, Colorado resident Andrew Dickehage was walking to work along 75th Avenue before sun-up Monday morning when he heard a rustling in the brush behind him. He turned to the source of the noise to see three coyotes.

    The animals took turns lunging at him, cutting and biting his arms, neck, and face.  The 22-year-old Dickehage told CBS4’s Jennifer Brice that he feared being knocked to the ground so he assumed a wide stance and began swinging his flashlight at anything that moved. [ Read Full Post ]

  • October 14, 2013

    Survival Skills: Turn Any Snare Into a "Constrictor" - 2

    With trapping season already upon us, it’s a great time to dust off your snaring skills and maybe even employ an upgrade or two. One of my favorite upgrades for snares is to create a “constrictor” set, which enhances the strangling action of a standard snare trap. This choke point in the trap’s action also makes nylon or hand-woven cord a legitimate option for lethal traps. Paracord or hand-twisted bark rope might be the only cord you can access in a survival situation, and while these are far from being the best options for a snare line, the constrictor element of the trap makes them a realistic choice. This works because the constrictor chokes out your quarry quickly, and doesn’t give it enough time to chew through these soft lines. Here’s how to set this snare on your own trap line. [ Read Full Post ]

  • October 9, 2013

    Federal Shutdown Takes 'Inordinate Toll' on Sportsmen - 4

    A consortium of conservation groups claimed during an Oct. 7 conference call that the federal government shutdown is taking an inordinate toll on a routinely abused constituency: sportsmen who pump more than $1.5 billion every year into the economy just in fishing and hunting license fees alone.
    The federal shutdown has closed access to 329 huntable national wildlife refuges, as well as all national parks and other federal public lands.

    "I think Congress's failure to act is really a slap in the face to all of us in this country, but particularly to hunters and anglers," said Dr. Steve Williams, the president of the Wildlife Management Institute and a former director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. [ Read Full Post ]

  • October 4, 2013

    Possible State Record Black Bear Taken in Minnesota - 0

    Minnesotan Shawn O’Connor climbed into his tree stand on September 9 hoping to get a bear, any bear really.

    He didn’t really consider the possibility of taking a state record black bear.

    “I didn’t even know what the state record was,” O’Connor told Rob Passons of Aitkin Age. “I never wait for a big one. I hunt for the meat, so I usually take the first one that shows up.”

    The first one that showed up was huge. [ Read Full Post ]

  • September 23, 2013

    Rifle Review: The Ruger Guide Gun in .375 RCM - 2

    Photo: Andrew Geiger

    The Ruger Guide Gun is a serious piece of business. The heart of the rifle is Ruger’s M77 action, which embodied Bill Ruger Sr.’s ideas of what a bolt-action ought to be—meaning a design that properly honored the genius of Paul Mauser and his creations from the late 19th century.

    For solid and reliable operation, it is difficult to beat what the M77 offers. The full-length claw extractor, dual locking-lug configuration, stout ejector, and three-position safety make for a no-nonsense big-game rifle. This is doubly so when the rifle is chambered in .375 Ruger, as was the case with my Guide Gun. [ Read Full Post ]

  • September 19, 2013

    Washington Hunter Kills 2 Mountain Lions With 1 Arrow - 32

    A Washington bowhunter went through 18 lives with one arrow on Monday when he bagged two mountain lions at the same time.

    Ben Hendrickson, 36, of Spokane and his friend Rod Noah, 58, of Chattaroy had been hunting the woods of Pend Oreille County for elk when the cat fluke occurred.

    The two had been hunting elk for several days with little luck. That situation changed Monday evening when Noah called in what he thought was a deer. [ Read Full Post ]