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Whitetail Deer

$102 Food Plot

News flash: Cultivating a small food plot needn’t cost you thousands of dollars and a week’s vacation.

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Wireless Trail Cam

We review the new wireless trail camera from Bushnell to see if this really is a revolution in remote game management.

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Insider access, tips, new gear and more in our Whitetail Deer Hunter's Playbook.
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Whitetail Deer Articles

Monster Nontypicals

Illinois is the land of nontypicals. This weekend at the Deer and Turkey Expo, trophy...

Georgia Monster

Fletcher Culpepper took this incredible 233-inch buck, which is a county record, and...

Trophy Buck Hotspot

Forget Iowa and Buffalo County. Southeastern Minnesota is the new destination for...

Late-Season Tips

In a year with more than its share of unusual climatic and environmental events,...

Wolf vs. Buck

It's easy to think of wolves as killing machines and whitetails as their defenseless...

40 Best Deer Tips

We've put together the 40 best tips from recent issues to help you kill the biggest...

  • March 5, 2014

    The Tyranny of Score - 3

    I'm not a trained deer scorer, but working for Outdoor Life I see a ton of bucks each season and it's our job to track down their story. Part of that involves getting the score. By running down these trophy bucks each year, I thought I had a pretty good handle on eyeing up a buck and estimating its score.

    But then I spent three days hanging out behind the scenes in the scorers' room and the Deer and Turkey Expo in Illinois. There were about 11 official scorers measuring hundreds of trophy bucks for the big buck competition. Most of the time I could eye up a typical buck and get within 10 or so points of its score. But some bucks absolutely threw me for a loop. 

    I found out that when an average deer hunter (like me) eyes up a buck and estimates its score, many times he'll end up way, way off. For example, the two bucks in the photo above. The buck on the left is clearly carrying more bone than the one on the right. He has heavier antlers, and it seems that he has higher tines. He should have a higher score, right? [ Read Full Post ]

  • March 4, 2014

    Live Blog: QDMA North American Whitetail Summit - 8

    Editor’s Note: Outdoor Life writers are on assignment in Branson, Missouri for Quality Deer Management Association’s first-ever Whitetail Summit. Over the next two days, we’ll be reporting from the numerous break-out sessions to give you the inside-scoop on the issues most critical to deer hunters. Check back regularly as we update this live blog.

    Thursday, 1:30 PM: A Hunter’s Perspective of the North American Deer Summit

    The majority of attendees at the North American Deer Summit had a professional stake in being there. State game biologists, industry manufactures, conservation organization leaders, outdoor media, and more make at least a portion of their living from work related to white-tailed deer. One group of attendees though, had no dog in the fight other than being deer hunters. Rob Muirhead was one of them.

    Rob Muirhead
    is from Elm Creek, Neb., and he’s been deer hunting for 24 years. His uncle introduced to the sport that has become a life passion. He’s independently employed in the automotive paintless dent repair industry. Meaning, he fixes hail damage on vehicles. This profession allows him the flexibility to take deer hunting seriously. [ Read Full Post ]

  • March 4, 2014

    How Gibson Guitars Might Impact The Future of Deer Hunting - 0

    Editor's Note: This is one of a series of live blogs from the QDMA North American Whitetail Summit.

    Thanks to the “joys” of air travel in the midst of the polar vortex, I had the always-awkward task of trying to slip into a packed conference room at the QDMA North American Whitetail Summit in the middle of a presentation.

    The first words I heard had me wondering if maybe the airlines had not only screwed up two days of travel with delays and cancellations, but maybe they'd dropped me off at the wrong damn place.

    “The Gibson guitars case has cast a lot of attention on the law.”

    After looking around and seeing a few familiar faces, I confirmed I was in the right spot. And it was time to figure out what, exactly, Gibson guitars had to do with whitetails. And what law was in question? [ Read Full Post ]

  • March 1, 2014

    OL Heading to First-Ever 'National Whitetail Summit' - 0

    We gun owners meet once a year at the big National Rifle Association convention.

    Elk hunters migrate annually to Elk Camp, while turkey hunters flock up at the National Wild Turkey Federation convention.

    And, it seems, the entire outdoor industry descends on the SHOT (Shooting and Hunting Outdoor Trade) Show.

    We hunters and shooters are a community of gatherers, but there has never been a national assembly of people and organizations focused on what is arguably the single most influential wildlife species in North America: the white-tailed deer.

    That’s about to change. Next week, the Quality Deer Management Association is hosting the first-ever North American Whitetail Summit, and Outdoor Life will be there to report on the proceedings. Check back here several times a day next week as we provide hour-by-hour coverage of the proceedings. [ Read Full Post ]

  • February 27, 2014

    Huge Spike Buck Taken in North Carolina - 5

    On Thanksgiving morning last year Dennie Bowman tagged a big buck just after daybreak in northern North Carolina. But Bowman quickly realized the buck wasn’t the 8-point he expected. The whitetail turned out to be a mature spike with a pair of two-foot long tines. Bluff Country Boys Outdoor TV recently posted this photo of Bowman’s bizarre buck, and we caught up with him to hear about the hunt. [ Read Full Post ]

  • February 27, 2014

    Bring Your Questions to Michigan Deer & Turkey Expo - 0

    Consider this a formal invitation: Come to Lansing, Michigan next weekend to say hi and ask me any question you have.

    You can ask about Outdoor Life’s history and evolution. You can ask about John Snow’s stinky feet. You can ask about my favorite deer rifle, or my go-to coyote call. Or you can ask me about how an inarticulate Midwestern kid got to be the editor of your favorite outdoors magazine. [ Read Full Post ]

  • February 26, 2014

    Story Behind the Buck: Deer of a Lifetime - 5

    Even though 11-year-old Coe Klauer brought in one of the best bucks to the Illinois Deer and Turkey Expo last weekend, a lot of people felt bad for him - or at least they said they did.

    They said they felt sorry for the kid because he had shot his "buck of a lifetime" at age 11. Now, any buck he shoots would likely be smaller (his buck netted 163 2/8). What does he have to hunt for? [ Read Full Post ]