• Rich Media ads must adhere to File Size Specs for pageloading. Creative can expand to a maximum of 120K subsequent to the initial page load.
• Default creative (in GIF/JPEG format) must be submitted with all rich media files.
• Do not use HTML, BODY, and HEAD tags within the code.
• Images should be hosted locally whenever possible.
• Nested tables are not recommended.
• FORM tags should appear outside of TABLE tags.
• Any interactivity, including expandable banners and streaming audio/video, should be user-initiated, with clearly recognizable on/off button.
• Flash Ads
  – Flash files served via DoubleClick must be coded properly for proper click and impression tracking
  – All Flash files must be submitted as a .SWF file with accompanying back up gif/jpg for display to users who do not accept Flash
  – A click through URL must be supplied
  – We accept flash version 6-10
  – Please follow click-through coding instructions: Flash Coding Instructions

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