Subscribers who have reported that recreational shooting is one of their favorite pastimes

Outdoor Life’s Recreational Shooting Bonus is a special editorial section bound into the regular edition of Outdoor Life and circulated to subscribers who have participated in competitive/tactical shooting or who have purchased products related to it in the last 12 months. The section will include skill-building stories and information about handguns, shotguns, AR-style and bolt rifles, focusing on editorial designed to improve the skills of serious shooters. Three-gun matches, IDPA, sniper competitions, action pistol and rimfire challenges along with other long-range sports will be part of the editorial mix. The stories will be grounded in practical shooting sports covering the gamut of modern tactical shooting games. From gear, to tactics, to winning strategies, if it involves having fun while sending copious amounts of lead downrange, it will have a home in the Recreational Shooting Bonus.


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