Targeting subscriber households with income over $100,000

Outdoor Life’s Sporting Life is a special editorial section bound into the regular edition of Outdoor Life and targeted to subscribers with a household income over $100,000. The Sporting Life’s sophisticated editorial is focused on areas of particular interest to the upscale outdoorsman including fine guns, travel, essentials, skills, and collectibles.


  Full Page 2/3 Page 1/2 Page 1/3 Page
4/Color $18,900 $15,700 $12,000 $8,900
2/Color $16,600 $13,700 $10,400 $7,800
B&W $15,000 $12,900 $9,600 $7,200

Closing Dates

Issue Ad Close On Sale
June/July 3/26/12 5/22/12
October 7/25/12 9/18/12
Dec/Jan 9/24/12 11/20/12

All rates gross • Rates subject to change • Bleed: Available on all ROB units one-third page or larger; add 10% to the gross rate.
• All selections are made by overlaying subscriber records with demographic, survey, and purchase data in the Bonnier corporate database.