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The employees at Polaris® work hard...and they play hard, especially the fi rst weekend in November. That’s the start of Minnesota’s fi rearm season for whitetail deer and, for many families, a gathering time so steeped in tradition it’s virtually sacred.

QDM Enhances Hunt
Twelve hundred miles to the south, Texas is the formal birthplace of Quality Deer Management (QDM), a practice that enhances the deer-hunting experience by producing biologically and socially balanced deer herds. From the North Star State to the Lone Star State, when a hunter draws back or puts the crosshairs on a trophy buck, it’s a heart-pounding moment. Multiply that feeling by 10 when the buck you tag is part of a QDM program. Why? Because you know it belongs to a high-quality whitetail deer population you had a hand in building.

Since 1988, the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) has been promoting sustainable whitetail deer populations, wildlife habitats and ethical hunting experiences. They do it through education, research, and management in partnership with hunters, landowners, natural resource professionals and the public.

Whether you’re new to QDM or have been practicing it on your property for decades, QDMA has a wealth of information to help you. QDM guidelines are tailored to each property, with four cornerstones to success: herd management, habitat management, hunter management and herd monitoring. Whether you’re working with a 10-acre food plot or a 10,000-acre QDM cooperative, it’s important to keep your management goals realistic for your area. Be sure to share your information, successes and enthusiasm with other landowners. Lead by well-mannered example and your neighbors will likely follow suit. Celebrate the victories and don’t sweat the mistakes; deer management is equal parts art and science.

Polaris RANGER XP® 800 Adds Power to QDM
The Polaris RANGER XP 800 is put to use year-round by many QDM professionals and hunting groups. It’s built for extreme performance and has no rival. With a 50 HP 800 Twin EFI engine, On-Demand True AWD, and a 1-ton towing capacity, the RANGER XP 800 has the power, traction and capability needed for clearing land, tilling and planting food plots, building stands, reaching remote hunting areas and hauling out QDM does and bucks.

Of all the Side x Sides out there, the Polaris RANGER XP 800 is the hardest working, smoothest riding. The dump box carries 1,000 lbs.*, twice that of competitive vehicles. It has the longest suspension travel, the most comfortable ergonomics and the legendary smooth Polaris IRS with 9" of suspension travel and a full 12" of ground clearance.

QDM Is a Hit With Country Artist Luke Bryan
Country music artist Luke Bryan debuted his fi rst single, “All My Friends Say,” in 2007. But he’s been a deer hunter much longer. In fact, his passion for deer hunting and management began as a child. “I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t hunt,” said Bryan. “I was lucky enough to shoot my fi rst buck—a spike—when I was 11 or 12. I’m sure I’m like every deer hunter—you remember that fi rst buck the rest of your life.”

Like most QDM managers, Bryan includes food plots in the plan for his 250-acre parcel near Leesburg, Georgia. “There’s a large fi eld in the center of the property that is planted to corn for harvest,” Bryan explains. “There’s a big center pivot for irrigation, and we leave the corn outside of the pivot for deer. Then, when the corn is harvested, we usually plant winter wheat, which becomes a huge draw for whitetails and other wildlife.”

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*Models approved for sale in California are limited to 600lbs. cargo-box capacity (rear payload capacity per CARB classification) and 1,100-lbs. total vehicle payload.


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Weekly QDM Tips

Prep for Winter: One quality many properties lack is an absence of prime winter cover for deer. Plant conifer (evergreen) trees like pine, spruce and fir to provide the thermal cover whitetails love during the cold months. State game agencies usually sell seedlings of such wildlife-friendly trees for a very nominal cost, and they can usually be ordered in bulk quantities.

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