Deer Management Archive

2011 Archive

  • Jim ThomeIt's the day before the firearm season opens for whitetail deer in Roseau County, Minnesota, and there's a sense of urgency in the air.
  • Luke BryanRoseau, Minnesota, is 10 miles from the Canadian border. It is the birthplace of Polaris Industries.

2010 Archive

  • The SouthDeer managers obviously put in hours of labor trying to make things better for whitetails. What's less frequently talked about is the tremendous benefits received by the person performing all that work—the hunter/manager.
  • The WestWestern states have a well–deserved reputation for producing trophy elk and mule deer. Lesser known, however, are the fine whitetailpopulations.
  • The Mid–West – Dr. Grant Woods has a simple name for the Missouri property he purchased several years ago. "I call it'The Proving Grounds'".
  • The East – When Jim Gunnels decided to implement Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) principles on his property in upstate New York, he did it by the book... literally.

2009 Archive

  • How to Judge a Buck's Trophy Potential – One of the obvious–and most enjoyable–fringe benefits of QDMA management is the opportunity to view and hunt adult bucks.
  • Kick–Starting Your Management Plan – Naturally, with its rugged construction, passenger capacity and box capable of holding all your gear and tools, your Polaris® RANGER XP® is the perfect vehicle for QDM work.
  • Mapping Your Whitetail Hunting Paradise – Most serious deer hunters–a label that surely applies to QDMA members–realize in a hurry that managing whitetail habitat is just as fun as deer hunting itself.
  • Conduct a Herd Monitoring Profile – Improving habitat is only one of the challenges of managing a whitetail property under QDMA guidelines.

2008 Archive

  • Idiot's Guide to Food Plots – If there was mistake to make, we made it. Here's how to turn planting your own food plot into a simple task.
  • The Ultimate Food Plot – Many deer management articles omit the important ingredients that are required to turn a location into a prime–time hunting spot.
  • Bring Bucks to Your Land – It's not too late to ring your deer's dinner bell.
  • Way to Grow – Want to see the biggest bucks of your life? No problem.
  • The Big Step – You've made the commitment: You're no longer just a deer hunter, you're a manager.
  • Maintenance and Anticipation – As your seeds begin to grow, you’re certain to feel the pride of nursing your crop into maturity.
  • Reaping the Rewards – After months of hard work, it’s finally hunting season…time to enjoy the benefits of all your labor!
  • Making Things Grow – One of the joys of food plotting is that it turns deer managers into farmers.


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Weekly QDM Tips

Prep for Winter: One quality many properties lack is an absence of prime winter cover for deer. Plant conifer (evergreen) trees like pine, spruce and fir to provide the thermal cover whitetails love during the cold months. State game agencies usually sell seedlings of such wildlife-friendly trees for a very nominal cost, and they can usually be ordered in bulk quantities.

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