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Record Quest

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  • June 16, 2010

    Ticks: The New Trophy Thieves - 9

    Not seeing the whitetail bucks you think are in your area? Maybe tiny blood-sucking ticks are to blame.

    If you accept that reasoning, then it follows that if you can kill the ticks, you can grow bigger bucks.

    [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 24, 2010

    Dirt Heads - 3

    [dme:image size="small" side="right" title="blog_rq_map [nid:1001325889]" index="-1"/]

    Want to hunt bigger bucks? Then don’t spring for the latest horn-sprouting food plot mix or celebrity-endorsed nutritional supplement. And don’t bother plotting the genetic heritage of your last dozen bucks.

    Instead, look at the dirt on your hunting boots. It might be the difference between hunting a 120-inch buck and a 140-class whopper.

    It turns out that soil quality is possibly the biggest determinants of antler size in whitetail deer. Have thin, anemic soil? You probably don’t have whopper deer running around. But where you find rich, fertile soils you will also find some of America’s biggest whitetails. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 13, 2010

    The Democratic Deer - 14

    [dme:image size="small" side="left" title="blog_rq_democratic [nid:1001325483]" index="-1"/]

    Earlier I told you I dismissed whitetails as ordinary.

    That perspective is rooted in my background. Growing up as a Missouri farm boy whitetails were commonplace, and many of my neighbors considered them crop-eating nuisances, not trophy game animals.

    But then I moved to Montana’s Milk River Valley, and got serious about hunting whitetails. And my life—and perspective—changed completely. Whitetails may be everywhere, but their very abundance makes the pursuit of an individual an even greater challenge. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 13, 2010

    Who Cares About Whitetails? - 14

    Hello. My name is Andrew McKean and I’m a recovering whitetail skeptic.

    Maybe I should explain myself. I’m here to tell you that big bucks turn my crank. And I hope you become a Record Quest groupie who circles back to this site early and often.

    But I wouldn’t be honest with either of us if I told you that white-tailed deer rule my life. In fact, for much of the last decade I gave whitetails about as much attention as that chronic rattle under the dashboard of my pickup. [ Read Full Post ]