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Wyo. Cast and Blast

Wyoming boasts the largest and most widespread populations of sage grouse. So break a sweat hunting them in the morning and cool off in the river after lunch by fishing for monster trout.
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Stripers on the Brink?

Perhaps no other gamefish species has been more intensely managed, yet trouble may be brewing for saltwater striped bass.
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Made in the USA

A look at how—and why—six different companies are providing the world's outdoorsmen with American-made sporting equipment.
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$102 Food Plot

News flash: Cultivating a small food plot needn’t cost you thousands of dollars and a week’s vacation.
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Big Ass Knives

Snow's favorite big blades, modeled by the hottest hunters on OL's staff.

Get the LED Out

These days, there’s no reason to fumble around in the dark.

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Ice Capades

Bear these five tips in mind to stay safe on the ice this winter.

Ice Capades

Bear these five tips in mind to stay safe on the ice this winter.

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  • June 3, 2014

    Does Tape Over Your Rifle’s Muzzle Affect Accuracy? - 4

    If you hunt in rainy places, you probably know about electrical tape, the basis of vigorous debate in almost any camp.

    The tape, stuck over the muzzle, is used to keep precipitation and debris out of the rifle’s bore. But many hunters argue that the protective layer throws off your bullet’s impact point. Others say the flimsy barrier won’t deflect the bullet.

    Which is it? [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 3, 2014

    ATV Review: 2014 Honda FourTrax Rancher - 0

    2014 Honda FourTrax Rancher4x4 Automatic DCT with Power Steering
    MSRP: $7,399 (Test Model); Ranges from $5,199-$7,799

    Honda’s FourTrax Rancher line of ATVs has earned a solid and well-deserved reputation for being some of the most durable ATVs on the planet. It’s not uncommon for ranchers raising free-range livestock on thousands of acres in the western U.S. to have a fleet containing several dozen Honda Ranchers. And they’re run from day to night, for many years and thousands of miles, and remain virtually trouble-free. The all-new 2014 Rancher was developed to continue in those footsteps while also gracefully evolving into a more refined, comfortable, and capable mid-size ATV.  [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 3, 2014

    10 Survival Uses For Oil - 1

    Household oil might not strike you as a key survival item, but it can play a wide variety of roles in emergencies. It’s usually most important as a calorie source, but even rancid or out-of-date oil can still serve useful roles. Here are ten good reasons to add oil to your survival stash.

    1. Calories: Fats are the most dense source of calories, more so than carbs or protein, and in an emergency every calorie counts. Add a little oil to other foods to spike up the calorie content. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 2, 2014

    How to Tune Your Senses and Become a Better Hunter - 5

    Illustration by Michael Byers

    At the end of an intensive semester of instruction in courses in wildlife tracking, big-game anatomy, wilderness first aid, and skinning, students in Africa’s first college-level professional hunter course are blindfolded, gloves are put on their hands, plugs are put in their nostrils, and earmuffs are placed over their ears.

    [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 2, 2014

    Survival Tip #183: Make A Cardboard Box Smoker - 0

    Editor's Note: This tip comes from our new "Prepare for Anything Survival Manual."

    When it comes to smokers, you can spend a lot of money buying one in a store. Restaurants will spend thousands on elaborate smokers. But you can make a backyard smoker out of just about any box, including cardboard.

    First, you need a box no more than 4 feet (1.2 m) tall and 2 feet (0.6 m) wide. Cut a door in the bottom of one side to remove and reload wood chips during cooking. Next, insert two parallel dowel rods through the box at 12 and 36 inches (30 and 90 cm). You’ll place your racks (one pan to catch drippings and a wire rack to hold food) on top of the dowels. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 2, 2014

    Trout Fishing: 12 Best Terrestrial Flies - 2

    If you’ve prowled any fly shops recently, you’ve noticed a growing number of bins holding terrestrial patterns. It’s like they are reproducing and mutating, morphing into strange and garish Frankenstein-like creatures of foam, Krystal Flash, and twitchy, multi-hued rubber legs. They look more like they hopped out of a horror film than an old-school fly vest. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 2, 2014

    Harsh Winter Causes Wisconsin To Cut Antlerless Permits in Northern Units - 1

    Following a long, harsh winter, Wisconsin hunters won't see many antlerless permits in the Northwoods this deer season.

    The Wisconsin DNR received approval of its 2014 deer season recommendations that include new antlerless quotas and an updated CWD affected area.

    That means 19 deer management units in the northern parts of the state will allow buck-only hunting this season. A limited number of antlerless tags will be issued to youth hunters, disabled hunters, and qualified military personnel, according to WEAU. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 30, 2014

    Indiana Attorney General Appeals Ruling on High-Fence Hunting - 1

    Indiana government officials continue to butt heads with private owners of the state’s high-fence preserves. The argument: Should wildlife officials enforce hunting regulations on privately owned, high-fence reserves? (Or should they be allowed to exist at all?)

    The Indianapolis Star reports that the state’s attorney general’s office has published a brief appealing a ruling by the Harrison County courts made last year, deeming the private businesses outside of DNR jurisdiction. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 30, 2014

    Mississippi Cobia Tops 100 Pounds - 0

    It’s been 18 years since a 100-plus pound cobia has been recorded in Mississippi, according to, but on Tuesday, Brandon Bosarge, a Mississippi resident, proved there are still monster cobia for the taking.

    Bosarge’s cobia, caught during the Gulf Coast Cobia Classic, weighed in at 101.5 pounds, making it the third largest on record for a Mississippi tournament. WLOX reports that Bosarge took the fish in 60-feet of water with a custom-made green jig, in the company of teammates Carl Miller, Dustin Matthews and Shane Bennett.

    Though it was caught on the Louisiana side of the Mississippi River, the fish was weighed in Mississippi as part of the tournament, which does not set boundaries on the fishing area. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 30, 2014

    Deer Smashes Through Window and Creates Bloody Mess in Mass. Home - 0

    A whitetail doe literally left a bloody mess after crashing through the window of a Cohasset, Mass., home.

    Cohasset police responded to a call about the home intruder at 8:15 a.m. Tuesday. They arrived to find a scene from a horror movie.  Excerpts from the official report read that police “observed trails of blood” leading to the bathroom, where they discovered a doe trying to “smash her way out” of the home. Blood was smeared throughout the bathroom and into the adjoining room. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 30, 2014

    FWC Releases New App to Reduce Number of Invasive Lionfish - 0

    Photo by MyFWCmedia on Flickr

    You know you’re screwed when someone designs an app for the sole purpose of hastening your demise. Tough shake, lionfish, but you’re just causing way too much trouble on Florida’s reefs.

    Lionfish first showed up in South Florida waters in 1985 and Florida’s prized reefs have suffered greatly from the species’ voracious appetite for native forage – a serious threat to indigenous gamefish like grouper and snapper. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 30, 2014

    Survival Gear Review: The Platypus GravityWorks 2.0L Water Filter - 1

    Platypus gets it. You can’t last very long without water. That’s why they’ve been making water supply products for years. I still have two of the original 1-liter Platypus collapsible water bags. I thought they’d last a few months, at the most. The plastic seemed kind of crunchy, like it would crack at the corners. But they’re both still holding water 15 years later. How does Platypus’ new GravityWorks 2.0L water filter perform? Let me pour you a drink and I’ll tell you all about it. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 29, 2014

    297-Pound Potential Record Warsaw Grouper Caught in Louisiana - 0

    Photo by Cullen Greer

    A 297-pound potential record Warsaw grouper was recently caught in Louisiana, KETK reports.

    It took Cullen Greer, a Houston resident, more than half an hour to land the 6-foot-6-inch fish. It was caught on live bait next to an offshore rig in 500 to 600 feet of water about 35 miles from the Mississippi Delta. This monster leviathan had a girth of 6 feet and might be the third largest Warsaw grouper caught on a hand crank in Louisiana waters. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 29, 2014

    How Much Does Brush Deflect a Rifle Bullet? - 12

    Photo: Donald M Jones

    The bull is standing broadside just behind that screen of brush. Do you shoot through the limbs and hope your bullet punches home? Or do you wait for a clear shot, even if it means the elk might get away?

    Most of us answer that question by referring to some vague understanding of cartridge-box ballistics. “I’m shooting brush-busting bullets,” some might reason. Others might justify their decision to shoot by telling you that their big-bore rifle hammers right through obstructions, or that bullet deflection is inconsequential.

    But after testing a variety of calibers and bullet types in both brushy and grassy environments, I’m convinced the only ethical answer to the question is: Wait for a clear shot. Not only do most bullet types deflect when they encounter brush and grass, but many also tumble, losing their aerodynamic efficiency and terminal effectiveness. [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 29, 2014

    Good Budget Shotgun: TriStar Viper G2 SR Sport - 0

    Turkish made shotguns are some of the best values out there. Weatherby’s excellent smoothbores are produced in Turkey as are some shotguns for CZ-USA. The gunmaker Akkar isn’t very well known in the U.S., but it is a Turkish company that makes outstanding shotguns for the money. TriStar is another company that falls into this category.

    I’ve shot a few TriStar shotguns over the last couple years and have really taken a shine to them. The shotguns aren’t very fancy and lack some of the bells and whistles that you’ll see on the Berettas and Brownings out there, but for the money they are hard to beat. [ Read Full Post ]