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Hunting & Fishing Barometric Trends

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Rising and falling barometric trends have a great influence on whitetail and wild turkey movement and game fish activity. Use this guide as a rule:

  • * Whitetail
    • Rising = Excellent
    • Steady = Fair
    • Falling = Very Good
  • * Turkey
    • Rising = Excellent
    • Steady = Fair
    • Falling = Poor
  • * Game Fish
    • Rising = Poor
    • Steady = Fair
    • Falling = Excellent

Your Local 5-Day Forecast

12 Hour Front/Precipitation

National Barometric Trend

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    But it's easy to forget about the most important  factor of all: barometric pressure. It's more difficult to judge without an instrument or the Internet, but you should know that pressure rises after a front passes and when high a high pressure system is building.  It lowers before the arrival of a front and during a low pressure center.

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