Gamo air rifle
Gamo air rifle. Gamo

Here are ten great gifts for the man with a passion for shooting. (Second to his passion for you, of course.)


Vortex 1500 Rangefinder

Vortex 1500 Rangefinder.

If the father in your life doesn’t have a good rangefinder, it’s time to get him one. This compact unit is fast, ergonomic, and reliable. It’ll reach way out, too, ranging almost a mile. Furthermore, it’s backed by Vortex’s legendary unconditional lifetime warrantee. Even if he runs it over with his truck, Vortex will replace it.

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Wheeler’s 89-Piece Deluxe Gunsmithing Driver Set

Wheeler’s 89-piece deluxe gunsmithing driver set.

For the man who likes to work on his guns (or anyone else’s, for that matter) this quality set of tools will put a lasting smile in his face. It features a plethora of Philips, Allen, Torx, and hollow-ground flat bits. It’s made of S2 tool steel, comes with two non-slip over molded handles, all stored in a handy case. My wife got this very set for me a couple years ago, and I love it.

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Blackhawk Pro Shooter’s Mat

Blackhawk Pro Shooter’s Mat.

Shooting mats are for sissies, I thought, until I got one. Now I’m a believer. They keep everything clean and comfy, while preventing all those stickers and dirt from getting in your clothes. This mat is 28 inches wide and 83 inches long, and made of closed-call foam surrounded by 1000 denier nylon. It’s water resistant and rolls up into a tight, comfortably carried package. A good addition to any shooters toolset.

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Caldwell Dead Shot Shooting Bag Combo

Caldwell Dead Shot shooting bag combo.

For deadly accuracy from a shooting bench or prone position this bag set is ideal. It’s made of water resistant 600-denier polyester and designed to hold its shape while sitting sturdily on almost any surface. Front shooting bag and rear “bunny ears” bag makes a deadly combination for accurate shooting. If you want a steady man (or Father) in your life, these bags will do the trick.

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Gamo Varmint Air Rifle

Gamo air rifle.

Every man should have an air rifle. This spring-powered model is reasonably priced and reasonably well made, and quiet enough to shoot unobtrusively in the back yard. It’ll send .177 caliber pellets at up to 1250 feet per second, comes equipped with a simple 4X32 scope, and is plenty adequate for rats, gophers, snakes, and other small varmints. Weighs 5.74 pounds, and comes with a one-year warrantee.

Price $ 73 BUY IT NOW


Swarovski Spotting Scope

Swarovski spotting scope

Every list deserves one super-extravagant item. If you have money to spend and the special father in your life has discriminating taste, this spotting scope is for you (him, actually). It’s the Cat’s Meow, the Best of the Best, the Lamborghini of Father’s Day gifts. With it he’ll be able to read the small print on his 100-yard targets, count the eyelashes on a big buck, and keep an eye on foreign affairs. This spotting scope is put together right, has the best glass money can buy, and will last a lifetime.

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Shooting Chrony F-1 Chronograph

Shooting Chrony chronograph.

A chronograph is one of those things that every serious shooter either has, or wishes he had. If your father fits in the latter category you should consider setting him up to read speed. This simply but capable model measures the speed of bullets, paintballs, arrows, and other projectiles in FPS (feet per second). It runs off a 9-volt battery, features an on-unit LCD screen, and can be paired with an optional ballistic printer. Tripod not included.

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Walker Slim Shooter Electronic Ear Muffs

Walker’s shooting muffs.

These awesome electronic earmuffs cancel out high decibel sounds (like gunshots) while at the same time permitting or even enhancing regular sounds like voices. Featuring Omni directional microphones and HD speakers so you can hear the range officer’s directions or listen to a deer shuffle toward you through the leaves. They are slim and low profile, so they won’t interfere with your rifle stock when you shoulder it. Operates on two AAA batteries (included).

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Badlands 2200 Backpack

Badlands pack.

This comfortable unit boasts everything the serious shooter needs in a pack. Dedicated pockets for spotting scope and tripod nestle inside each bat-wing, and a stow-able rifle boot buckles underneath. Three straps firmly secure your rifle to the back of the pack, while a one-size-fits-all pistol holster sandwiches your chosen sidearm comfortably between the hip belt and pocket on either side. 2,200 cubic inches of storage along with numerous small zippered pockets for stowing accessories round out the package. Whether you are heading out for a day of cross-country competition or going backcountry hunting, this pack is up to the job. Durable, quiet, and water resistant, this pack is backed by Badlands unconditional lifetime warrantee. Yeah, I’m prejudiced; I shoot and hunt for a living, and this is my favorite pack. Get one for your special father – he’ll love it.

Price $240 BUY IT NOW


RCBS Rockchucker Supreme Reloading Kit

Rockchucker Supreme reloading kit

Last but not least on the list is this awesome beginners reloading kit. Includes everything your father needs to reload his own hand-tailored ammunition except components (powder, bullets, primers, and cases) and caliber specific dies/shellholder. He’ll enjoy hours of pleasant reloading as well as substantial savings by handcrafting his own ammunition, not to mention the ability to work up super accurate loads for his favorite firearms.

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