SAS Archery Multi-Wrench Tool
SAS Archery Multi-Wrench Tool. SAS Archery

I’m convinced Santa must be a bowhunter. There is no other explanation for his fascination with deer…

But, let’s assume for a moment that he’s not. To ensure you get the best bowhunting gear under the tree this year, you’ll need to make a solid list. Here are 10 of my top picks for bowhunters this holiday season.

1. SixSite Gear Gunnison Softshell Jacket


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Before you look at the price, hear me out on this: I’ve worn—and destroyed—an awful lot of clothing over the years. I have done my best to destroy this jacket. And I can’t.

SixSite was founded by a Navy Seal. Every item is made in America. And this jacket is awesome. Yes, at about $225, it’s pricey. But you’re investing in a jacket that will last a lifetime.

I love the camo pattern, it has scent control, it’s an ideal weight for most fall bowhunts, and it fits great. What more can you ask for?

2. SAS Archery Multi-Wrench Tool

SAS Archery

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This is a must-have tool for every bowhunter. I keep one in my truck, one in my pack, and one on my workbench. At just $7, they require minimal investment. The tool is solidly-built and includes just about ever size Allen you’ll need.

3. Rinehart RhinoBlock Target


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A good target is a necessity. But a target that refuses to release arrows is a target that’s seldom used.

Rinehart’s special foam blend looks like new after hundreds of shots—yet arrow removal is quick and easy. I’ve used my RhinoBlock for 4 seasons. I’ve shot it with high-speed compounds, traditional bows, and crossbows of every make and design. I’ve stuck it with carbon arrows, aluminum bolts, and even cedar shafts. Fixed-blade heads, mechanical broadheads, and field points…it’s taken them all and is still providing plenty of value for less than $175.

4. Nikon Arrow ID 3000 Rangefinder

There are pricier rangefinders available. Units with more features, more bling factor. But none will do the job any better. Point, push a button, read the range.

This Arrow ID is a simple, no-frills rangefinder that’s made for bowhunters. It does offer incline/decline compensation, a handy feature in treestands or hilly terrain. You can range out to 550 yards (making this a serviceable unit for gun hunting as well) and sells for under $175.

5. TruFire Edge Release


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There might be a trend here. I prefer basic, simple designs that work. The Edge release fits the bill quite nicely.

It’s a quality dual-caliper release with a fold-back option that keeps the release head out of your way when climbing into a stand or rifling through your pack for a much-needed snack.

The trigger is smooth and fool-proof. At less than $60, it’s a heck of a bargain to boot.

6. Carhartt 2-in-1 Fleece Hat


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You’ll have to check your dignity when donning this hat. It does look a bit funny. But it is absolutely my go-to headgear when temperatures drop.

The fleece is thick and soft. And the built-in face cover tucks out of the way when not needed. Pull it down and you cover your cheeks from numbing winds and prevent bitter cold air from being breathed in, another critical step to staying warm.

You can likely find it in some fancy camo. But save a few bucks and go with a solid brown, black or gray.

7. Browning Epic Headlamp


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There are plenty of essential items I use every bow season. But a good, reliable headlamp has to be at the top of the list.

The Epic has two features that I love: The first, it offers varying levels of brightness along with a green light that preserves night vision. The second: It’s rechargeable via a USB port.

I keep the headlamp in my truck year-round and it’s always plugged into a USB charger. No matter where I go, I know I’ve got a reliable light source.

At about $45, it’s not the cheapest lamp you can find. But it is one of the most useful.

8. Last Chance Archery EZ Green Press

Last Chance

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I never knew I needed a bow press, until I had a bow press.

From installing peep sights to serving in drop-away rest cords, I’ve used my EZ Green far more than I imagined that I would.

Yes, at about $470, it’s an investment. But the unit is ultra-durable, simple to use, and far safer than my old methods of “pressing” a bow…

9. MTM Ultra Compact Arrow Case

I travel a fair bit each bow season and I like to bring at least a half-dozen arrows with me. Not because I think I’ll go through all the arrows in my quiver but because I like to shoot my bow, even during the season.

This MTM case is an awesome way to carry additional arrows without fear of them being damaged during one of my infamous “packing” jobs. Things tend to go where they go when I’m in a hurry and rushing to load the truck. This case keeps arrows protected and organized. At less than $25, it’s cheap insurance for expensive shafts.

10. Arizona Rim E-Z Fletch


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Whether you intend to create your own custom arrows or just need a tool on hand to repair factory-fletched shafts, this little unit is a worthwhile gift option.

It’s super simple to use: Install the vanes, apply glue and close it up. It’s virtually foolproof. And at less than $50, it can pay for itself in a hurry.