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Hunting, Adventure

May 1910

Camping, Wild West

July 1910

Wild West, Horses, Adventure

November 1910


June 1911

Elk, Hunting

February 1912

Kids, Fishing

March 1913

Kids, Guns, Gamebirds, Hunting

August 1913


August 1914

Horses, Hunting, Wild West, Guns, Adventure

July 1915

Dogs, Horses, Wild West

March 1916

Hunting, Guns, Adventure

September 1916

Wild West, Horses, Adventure

May 1917

Hunting, Horses, Elk

December 1918

From 1910 to 1920, Outdoor Life continued to report on the wild west and began to focus on innovations in the fishing and hunting world, as well as in wildlife conservation. Buffalo Bill Cody appears on the cover for the first time in May 1917.