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To the uninitiated, a target bow looks like something out of a science-fiction flick. However, all the components you see work in harmony to create a tack-driving accurate machine. How accurate? Consider that top competitive archers consistently shoot dime-sized groups at 60 yards using equipment like this.

1 HOYT PRO-ELITE XT 2000 This hybrid compound is the heart and soul of the target rig. Its cam-and-a-half eccentrics and unique shoot-through riser design make this bow ultra accurate. The high letoff (up to 80 percent) and generous brace height (8¼ inches) make for a forgiving shooting system. In addition, the eye-catching two-tone anodized finish practically screams accuracy. ($979; 801-363-2990;

2 T.R.U. BALL CHAPPY BOSS This caliper-style back tension release eliminates most shot error by perfectly replicating the dynamics of each release of the string. (From $170; 434-929-2800;

3 CR SIGHT SCALE MAGNIFIER AND HIDER This nifty gizmo makes seeing yardage numbers easy with its 2–3X magnifying lens. The CR Sight Scale Hider, which obscures the magnifier, keeps prying eyes from stealing the yardages you’ve dialed in. (Sight Scale Magnifier, $5; Sight Scale Hider, $10; 717-394-5769;

4 SURE LOC SUPREME 400 WITH BLACK EAGLE 42MM SCOPE This sight is infinitely adjustable for precise arrow delivery to minuscule targets at long yardages. The scope features Swarovski glass for crystal-clear target acquisition. The sight is also made to aircraft-quality tolerances, meaning that the mounting system and sight match up so precisely you’ll never lose your zero when you remove and reattach the scope. (Sight, $300; scope, $309; 812-689-9926;

5 CR BRAIDED TARGET SLING Ensures your bow remains in hand following the shot. Constructed from stiff braided-nylon cord, this sling won’t collapse and keep your hand from gripping your bow. ($11; 717-394-5769;

6 DOINKER QUADRA-FLEX Balances the bow and transfers limb and string vibration away from the shooter, leading to accurate shot placement. Movable weights allow you to fine-tune the stabilizer for your shooting style. ($233; 818-700-2899;

7 SPECIALTY ARCHERY HOODED BALL PEEP Eliminates glare from direct sunlight or from fluorescent lights when you’re shooting at indoor targets. A variety of aperture sizes and colored lenses can be screwed into the peep. ($20; 641-424-5762;

8 EASTON FATBOY ARROWS Multilayer wrapped carbon-fiber construction and a wide diameter ensures precise flight and line cutting on close shots. These arrows are the bomb. ($120/dozen; 801-539-1400;

9 VIBRACHECK MONKEY BAR WITH FREESTYLE STABILIZER Adjustable in two planes for custom balancing of the bow and shock reduction. VibraCheck Quick Disconnect lets you remove the stabilizer with just a turn. Prevents damage to bow riser and stabilizer. (Monkey Bar, $45; Freestyle stabilizer, $30; Quick Disconnect, $25; 877-720-6535;

10 TROPHY TAKER SPRING STEEL MICRO ADJUST A simple launcher-style rest with micro elevation and windage adjustments. ($69; 406-826-0600;