Jeep Winch
Electric winches adorn the front of many off-road vehicles, but there are also smaller, lighter, handheld models that make chores easier to tackle. Smittybilt

Whether you are exploring on your own or off-roading with a group of vehicles, having extra towing capability can save the day in the event of an accident or other misfortune. A front-mounted electric winch is great for righting a vehicle from a ditch, pulling your own rig back onto the road, skidding timber, felling trees, hanging big game for processing, and any number of tasks that require heavy hauling. Consider these things when thinking about investing in an electric winch.

IP67 Rating

This waterproof option comes with all the wiring required for installation. Smittybilt

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Load capacity for commercial winches ranges anywhere for 1,000 to 15,000 pounds. The low end is enough for lighter tasks such as hanging game, stretching fence lines, or yanking a small vehicle or tractor out of the mud. For heavy duty pulling, demolition, and other tasks that require serious leverage, a winch in the range of 5,000 pounds or greater will offer a serious advantage.

Includes Forged Hook

This choice can support up to half a ton of weight and has a 98.5-foot-long cable. Smittybilt

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Electric winches are available with towing lines composed of braided cable, sturdy nylon rope, or webbing straps. An amphibious winch with a synthetic rope that won’t corrode or rust is a great addition to any vehicle pressed into hard service in chronically muddy or boggy environments.

Lightweight and Portable

This unit has a variable speed trigger that works in forward and reverse, plus an LED indicator that lets you know when you’re reaching the load limit. Warn

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If you don’t want to mount a winch to your vehicle, you can still get the same hauling capacity with a portable, hand-held winch. Just attach one end to a fixed object and the other to whatever you are trying to haul, plug it in, and pull away!