Even if you are new to predator hunting, it should come as no surprise that a quality call is essential to the game. Today’s electronic calls increase the chance of success more than just about any other variable besides straight shooting with a flat round. There are many electronic calls to choose from, but the most effective all have one or more of the following traits in common.

Backlit Buttons

This model comes with a remote control and has a 300-yard range. Primos

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An electronic call with a remote control allows you to manipulate volume and call sounds from a distance. The ability to operate the device remotely creates space between yourself and the keen senses of a predator, helping to mask hunter movement and scent.


This product features four speakers (two horns and two tweeters) and can run for 3-7 hours continuously. Foxpro

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Modern electronic calls come preloaded with scores of sounds ranging from the distress vocalizations of prey species to the love songs of lonesome coyotes, elk bugles, vole squeaks, fawn bleats, and just about anything else that would get a predator’s attention. If you’re old-school and want to simply speak the universal language of predators, a cottontail mouth call is hard to beat.

Made in the USA

This option can hold up to 300 unique sounds. Foxpro

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If there is one thing a predator will react to as much or more so than the right sound, it’s an enticing motion. Electronic calls with integrated fur flags or tails can add the extra bit of allure needed to bring an otherwise wary predator running.