Three Great Options for Backyard Fire Pits

Whether you enjoy a flame fueled by wood, gas, or a combination of both, a fire pit is perfect for those moments when you want a campfire, but can’t go camping

When you can’t make it to the campfire ring at deer camp, a well-tended home fire pit can always take you there in spirit. Here are three options for enjoying a little “caveman TV’ right out the patio door.

Adorable Design

Nothing sets the mood outside better than a wood burner. Amazon


Traditionalists will insist on having a wood-burning backyard fire pit, which are available in many shapes and sizes. As a safety measure, make sure the one you choose is sold with a spark screen. A standard grilling grate can also turn your wood fire pit into a barbecue machine with enough capacity for the whole neighborhood.

Easy to Use

Click a button and you’re done! Amazon


It may not seem very woodsy, but for the sake of convenience, it’s hard to beat a gas fire pit. They are self-contained, can be placed just about anywhere from the front porch to a back deck, and light up with the press of button. On those late-winter or spring nights when hunting season is still months away, a full tank of propane is all you need for hours of toasty reflection.

Carrying Case Included

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Biofuel stoves that burn not only wood but also combustion gases have been a backpacking staple for years. That same technology is also available in full-sized fire pits, meaning a cleaner and more complete burn using less fuel with less smoke. This is a great option for confined or densely populated residential areas where you’d still want the romance of burning wood without the risk of smoking out the neighbors.