Meat Injector on cutting board with steak
If you’re tired of using only spices or rubs, inject a sauce or marinade directly into the meat. Grill Beast

If you love a good barbecue meal but are getting tired and bored with the same old recipes, spices, and rubs, then you should try infusing a sauce or marinating directly into the meat. A marinade injector looks like an oversized medical instrument, but it’s actually a great tool for preparing meat before it’s over heat. If you’ve been thinking about expanding your barbecue skills or simply want to try something new, a marinade injector might be for you. Here are some features to consider before you buy your first one.

Totally Food-Safe

Everything from the plunger rod to the syringe barrel is made from materials that will keep your family healthy. Amazon

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304 stainless steel is the food-safe standard for meat injectors. That means no leeching of nickel or other metals into food, and a BPA-free delivery system to get all of your secret sauce—and nothing else—deep inside the dish.

Lots of Variety

This adaptable model can also be used to infuse fruits and pastries with liquor. Amazon

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Meat injectors usually are sold with a variety of interchangeable tips for different types of meat. Even the large-diameter needles are pretty small, so having a dedicated brush for the injector needles makes clean-up a lot easier. Make sure the unit is dishwasher safe and follow manufacturer’s directions to the letter to ensure that no food particles or contaminants are left in the injector needles.

Ergonomic & Comfy

Thirty razor-sharp prongs and a non-slip handle make this one easy to use. Amazon

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A professional-grade injector should have multiple needles. They range from small tips for precision injecting or working with smaller cuts of meat, to large-bore and even perforated needles for injecting everything from chunky to purely liquid marinades.