A hot shower is one of those everyday luxuries usually unavailable in the outdoors. But a solar shower that harnesses the warmth of Mother Nature can add a touch of civility anywhere the sun shines. Just fill it with tap or creek water, let the shower bake for an hour or so, and then enjoy a hot scrub at your leisure.

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The salt, sand, and grime of the waters and woods can quickly get irritating. At less than two pounds, the average solar shower brings some of the convenience of home to the outdoors without a great cost in added weight.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and other natural disasters have a way of rearranging the plumbing in affected areas. When emergencies occur, a minimal investment in a sun shower can at least restore some semblance of normalcy and comfort in an otherwise difficult situation.


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Cruising sailors and other long-distance mariners have long known the value of solar-powered appliances. Keeping a sun shower stashed in the hold of any boat is a great way to ensure there is always a means to comfortably wash away the spray and crust from a day at sea.