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Using a sous vide cooker is easy and can transform old recipes into something unique. ChefSteps

Of all the ways to prepare meat, cooking sous vide is probably the least understood and most under-utilized. But if this French technique’s growing popularity in commercial kitchens is any indication, slow cooking “under vacuum” is a style that every serious home chef should explore. It is especially well-suited to meat and fish and requires only a few specialized tools to get started, including a vacuum sealer, which many sportsmen already own. When looking to expand your horizons in the kitchen, consider the benefits of cooking sous vide.

Set It and Forget It

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A simple and easy way to cook meals. ChefSteps

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Cooking sous vide basically means sealing the meal in a vacuum bag, submerging it in heated water, and circulating that immersion bath until finished. Because of the even heating and low temperature, it’s hard to go wrong with this method. Just set it and forget it. One of the reasons sous vide is so popular in restaurants is the ability of chef’s to prepare meals in advance, and then finish or brown off right before serving. It’s also a handy technique for entertaining large gatherings at home.

Preserves Nutrients

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Sealed meals retain more vitamins and nutrients through the cooking process. Anova Culinary

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Because the meal is vacuum-sealed, more vitamins and nutrients are preserved than with other methods. This means healthier food that tastes as good as it possibly can. The vacuum environment also allows chefs to experiment with infusing other flavors in the form of oils, herbs, spices and even alcohol into the preparation.

Retains Moisture

Retains Moisture

For added flavor, sear or grills meats before or afterward. Wancle

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Moisture and flavor are locked in by cooking sous vide. Although this style won’t brown or crisp foods, you can pan-sear or grill before sealing, further locking in moisture and flavor with whatever level of browning you desire.