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Suncast shed open
An outdoor shed is a great solution if you’re running short on storage space in your home. Suncast

You’ve got outdoor gear—lots of outdoor gear. Your garage is filled to capacity, and it’s spilling into other parts of the house, but it doesn’t have to. A shed can swallow up all the boring stuff like your lawn care equipment and save the space in the garage for things that matter—like your tree stands. Here are a few other reasons why a small storage shed can save you from being swallowed up by your hunting or fishing equipment.

Got Gas?



I’ve never liked the idea of keeping gas inside a garage, and that goes double for a garage that’s attached to a house. But your lawnmower, trimmer, and utility vehicle all rely on dinosaur juice to keep going. Play it safe and store gas away from your house in a shed and you’ll open up a corner of your garage for something like Pelican cases.

Keep It Tidy



Let’s face it: you’d rather be in the woods than working on your yard. Having all of your tools organized and ready to go means you cut down on the time you spend doing chores and spend more time doing the things you want to. A shed will keep everything protected from the weather but easily accessible when needed.

Keep Critters at Bay



You’re lucky enough to share your backyard with wildlife, but that doesn’t mean you want to pick up after animals. Securing your garbage cans keeps critters like raccoons, or bigger ones like bears, from thinking your home is an all you can eat buffet. A shed can keep everything contained, help you avoid a lot of potential conflict or damage to your home, and make it easier to keep valuable fishing and hunting gear in your home where nuisance animals can’t destroy it.