Like the old saying goes: a boat is just a hole in the water that you throw money into. Even a used entry level boat typically costs in the thousands of dollars, to say nothing of upgrades and maintenance. No matter whether you own a small johnboat, a center-console fishing vessel, or a weekend runabout, it’s an investment worth protecting. For a boat stored indoors, a protective cover will keep dust and debris out of the console and electronics, while protecting the finish during highway travel. For outdoor storage, a sturdy cover is essential.

Runabouts and Small Boats

A good cover will fit your boat tight and not allow water to pool on top. Classic Accessories

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A snug fitting cover is equally beneficial for the family runabout, dad’s bass boat, or even small vee-hulls and johnboats. The cover should come with a support pole or interior battens, either of which will keep the fabric tented up to prevent water from pooling on the canvas.

Bimini Tops

A bimini top is there when you need it, and tucked away when you don’t. Leader Accessories

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A fold-down Bimini top is more about sun and rain protection for the crew than for the boat. They are great on small skiffs, bay boats, and bateaus, easily folding out of the way when running and popping up for shade and cover as needed.

Center Console and T-Tops

Make sure your cover has UV-resistant fabric and adjustable straps. Classic Accessories

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Saltwater motor vessels are typically either some sort of center-console configuration or a center console with a T-Top. Either style requires a special cut of cloth to accommodate the extra height. Just be sure to look for a high-quality, UV-resistant fabric with durable double stitching and adjustable straps that attach to your boat’s trailer. An integrated motor cover to protect the power unit is highly preferable.