3 Ways to Help Your Dog Load Up

If your pet is aging, suffering from medical conditions, or injured, a ramp can make it easier for it to get in and out of a vehicle

When a dog is in its prime, we tend to think of our best friend as ageless. They load up in the truck like a rocket and hit the field with abandon. When they get older, joint pain and age slows them down to the point that some may not even be able to make it over the edge of the tailgate, even though their desire to hunt remains strong. If you want to give your best friend a little boost, here are some products that will do the trick.

Folds in Half

Though it weighs only 13 pounds, this product can handle up to 400 pounds of weight. Pet Gear


As dogs loose strength in their hips and forelegs, they can encounter problems on slick surfaces such as wood floors or an unlined truck bed. For older animals, look for a ramp with a textured surface to give Fido the necessary grip to climb in and out of the vehicle without his feet going out from under him.

Change the Length

Though it weighs only 13 pounds, this product can handle up to 400 pounds of weight. PetSafe


Most pet ramps work the same way; they either fold out as two panels or telescope from one. If space is an issue, consider a telescoping ramp. They are a little heavier than folding plastic models, but sleek and compact enough to take up less room while still giving your buddy the assist he needs.

Small Dog Friendly

The raised barriers on this product help your pet feel safe. PetSafe


No one wants to tote around a heavy ramp. In general, pet ramps vary from a low of about 7 pounds to 15 pounds or more. Look for one in the range of 10 pounds to maximize stability with convenience.