3 Ways to Mount Your Smartphone in Your Fishing or Hunting Rig

Put your phone where you can see it so you can keep both hands on the wheel

Close up of phone plugged into car
Because smartphones come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, make sure a holder fits your phone before you buy.Flow.month

The smartphone has replaced so many devices in recent years that it’s not surprising it should add dash-mounted GPS units to the list. But in order to fully use all the navigation features of your device in a safe and hands-free manner, you need a holder to secure the phone in a position that is convenient for both undistracted viewing and talking. Here’s what to look for in a dash-mounted smartphone holder.

Universal Fit

ZeeHoo wireless car charger
Because smartphones come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, make sure a holder fits your phone before you buy.ZeeHoo

Most smartphone holders are adjustable enough to fit any device. But when phone cases are introduced into the equation, not every holder will fit every case. Carefully evaluate the holder to make sure it is compatible with your particular case.

Charging Capabilities

Flow month wireless car charger
If your phone can support it, a wireless charger means you’ll need fewer cords in your vehicle.Flow.month

Qi (pronounced "chee" like the life force) fast wireless charging is the state of the art in powering up electronics. That technology is even built into some smartphone holders. Of course, your phone has to be new enough to support Qi wireless charging, but if it isn't, there are plenty of options for wired charging integrated into most smartphone holders.

Mounting Style

Mpow car phone mount
Pick a smartphone holder that situates your device so it's easy to see at a quick glance.Mpow

The way that your smartphone holder mounts is important because it determines the height at which the device is accessible. There are holders mounting to cigarette lighters, CD player slots, air-conditioning louvers, cup holders, dash tops, and front windshields. The dashtop and windshield models are closest to eye level but can be subject to glare. Holders that mount lower are better shielded from glare and closer to in-dash power sources, such as lighter and USB sockets, but they require the driver to look down more than the dash-top models.