3 Ways to Protect the Seats in Your Hunting or Fishing Rig

Keep your vehicle looking like new by protecting the interior with tough, waterproof covers

Interior truck with camouflage seat covers
A good seat cover can make your drive more comfortable and prevent stains, scratches, or tears.Realtree

A truck’s interior is one of the most abused yet least protected areas of any hunting or fishing vehicle. Before all those road trips and random insults begin to take their toll on upholstery, stitching, and cushions, investing in a simple seat cover can add mileage to the place you spend most of your time on the road. Here’s where they can help.

Style Points

camouflage seat covers
Make sure the seat cover you buy is tailor made for the make and model of your vehicle.Realtree

Camo truck covers aren't going to help you one bit in the field, but there is something to be said for looking the part and letting everyone know you are always ready to go. Bear in mind that some covers only work with detachable headrests, so know your vehicle before shopping.

Bucket or Bench Seats

Beige and black seat covers
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, there are universal seat covers that can stretch and cover vehicle seats of all shapes and sizes.FH Group

Seat covers are not limited to bucket seats. If you have a crew-cab truck with a bench seat in the back, or just want to protect the family car, a set of universal seat covers for both bucket and bench sets will cover just about any rig.

Waterproof Covers

Black waterproof seat covers
A waterproof seat cover is easy to clean and keeps liquids from damaging your vehicles seat fabric.Gorla

If you need extra protection for wet dogs, gear, or clothing, consider a simple waterproof seat cover. It'll keep the liquids off the leather or cloth interior long enough for you to get home or to a towel rack. Slip it on for protection and easily slip it off once in a while to shake out debris, then keep on trucking!