3 Ways to Protect Your Crossbow

A hard- or soft-sided case is the best way to protect your crossbow from breaking or being knocked out of tune

Plano Case
You’ve invested a lot of time and money to make your crossbow accurate, so don’t let an accident set you back.Plano

Due to their unconventional shape, crossbows can be awkward to transport. A dedicated, form-fitting case is the best way to protect both the equipment and its tuning. Internal padding and a storage compartment for tools and accessories make carrying everything you need on your next hunt as easy as packing a travel bag. Here are some options to consider.

Hard Shell

Plano Spire Crossbow Case
Make sure your crossbow snugly fits in a case to prevent jostling while traveling.Plano

Hard cases offer the ultimate security for traveling with a crossbow. Foam baffles and a snug fit make them essential for air travel, where rough handling is almost assured. Carry handles should be well balanced, and if the case can stand on its side, it will be easier to store at home or on the road.

Soft Cases

CenterPoint Case
Soft crossbow cases offer good protection if you’re just traveling a short distance.CenterPoint

For short trips and everyday protection, a soft case is a lightweight and economical way to secure your crossbow. Flexible soft cases are also more likely to fit a wider range of crossbows than hard shells.


Ravin Hard-Shell Crossbow Case
For the best protection, get a case specifically made for your crossbow make and model.Ravin Crossbows

Many cases claim to fit "most crossbows," and they very may well do just that. But you should also shop around for a case made specifically for your crossbow. You might spend a little more money, but you will get a case custom fitted to your bow and quiver.