Factory floor mats are one of the first things to wear out on a well-used hunting truck or SUV. Allowing the floors to go unprotected can mean expensive carpet replacement, or even allow rust in the floorboard. But it’s not always easy to find heavy-duty mats to fit the older vehicles we tend to beat up in the woods. Solve the problem with a simple pair of trimmable floor mats that will fit almost anything you drive.

Ultra Durable

Comes in multiple colors to match your interior. Motor Trend

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Even many high-end trucks come standard with some sort of carpet floor liner. That’s just not enough to withstand the abuse of a hunting and fishing lifestyle. Flexible, heavy duty rubber floor mats with a trimmable no-slip surface are perfect for any vehicle pressed into service by sportsmen.


A few cuts with scissors and you can create an option that perfectly fits the contours of your vehicle. Motor Trend

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Trimmable mats allow you to easily custom fit the contours of your vehicle, no matter what you drive. All it takes is a pair of scissors and a little patience to get a factory fit every time.


An option with deep troughs in it can hold liquids that might ruin the upholstery. FH Group

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Aside from the rubber mat itself being waterproof, the deep-dish contour and textured surface are designed to trap spills before they can run all over your upholstery. Heavy duty mats are a little investment up front that can save a lot of headache and preserve resale value down the road.