turkey decoys
Scoot-N-Shoot. Mojo Outdoors
turkey decoys
A new crop of turkey decoys that will give you an edge.

These four new turkey decoys are all ultra-realistic, but each excels in specific scenarios. Here’s how to pick the perfect deke for your hunting set up.

turkey decoys
Jekyll & Hyde Greenhead Gear

Jekyll & Hyde
The promise of this two-faced deke from GHG isn’t only double visibility. The passive side coaxes in reticent toms, while the aggressive side provokes challengers.

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turkey decoys
Laydown Hen Greenhead Gear

Laydown Hen
The breeding posture of this decoy from GHG riles up mature toms, especially if you position a jake deke nearby.

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turkey decoys
Scoot-N-Shoot Mojo Outdoors

This “reaper” deke from MOJO conceals hunters as they sneak on gobblers. Stake the decoy in the ground when you’re ready to make the shot.

$80; Buy It Now!

turkey decoys
Spin-N-Strut Flambeau Outdoors

Pull a string and the fan slowly rises and the body rotates. Release the string and the tail lays flat. The motion of this new model from MAD will grab the attention of passing toms and coax wary birds into range.

$153; Buy It Now!


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